What is the difference between lime paint, chalk paint and concrete look paint?

What is the difference between lime paint, chalk paint and concrete look paint?

Posted on: 13-06-2020

The difference between lime and chalk paint explained with examples.

Three different types of paint, each with their own appearance and properties. I'll show you the differences by putting these different types of paint in the same colour: TerracottaTerracotta.

Fresco lime paint

A 100% mineral lime paint with natural colour nuances. You can apply lime paint in your own handwriting: in vertical stripes, criss-cross, semicircles or another pattern. You always use a special lime brush for this. The first layer of lime paint often has strong nuances. You can leave it like this, or you can choose to tone down the nuances by applying a second layer. The colour is only true to colour after the second layer has been applied, which means that the colour shows its true colour after the second layer. For example, a deep red lime paint can show the first layer purplish with very light "spots". After the second layer, the red gets more warmth and depth, and the white nuances are smoothed to a lighter version of the red.

Fresco Terracotta | STUDIO kapstok

Classico chalk based paint

A 97% mineral chalk paint with a powdery, smooth finish. Chalk paint can be applied with a brush, roller or airless. Chalk paint

is a beautiful base for any interior and can also be used as ceiling paint.

Terracotta Classico chalk-based paint STUDIO kapstok Pure and OriginalClassico Terracotta | STUDIO kapstok

Marrakech Walls

Marrakech Walls is a unique wall finish with a very luxurious look. Go for a nice shade of gray for a real concrete look; a soft nuance for a subtle touch; or if you choose a fresh white or cheerful pink or terracotta shade, you immediately bring the Mediterranean atmosphere into your home. Marrakech Walls, like Fresco lime paint, is a 100% mineral lime paint with natural color nuances. You can apply Marrakech Walls yourself, or hire a professional. You apply the paint with a brush or roller and let it dry slightly. After this you process the (still wet) paint with the special Marrakech Walls spatula so that you apply the desired pattern yourself: short strokes for a busier end result; and long strokes for a quieter end result. After the paint is completely dry, you can sand it lightly the next day (or later) and / or extra polish by gently rubbing the clean spatula over it again.

Marrakech Walls Terracotta STUDIO kapstok Pure and OriginalMarrakech Walls Terracotta | STUDIO kapstok

How do you create a balanced interior?

Get started with different paint types, make your own combination! For example, choose chalk paint as the base paint and vary accent walls in lime paint and Marrakech Walls. Looking for a real eye-catcher? Try Fresco or Marrakech Walls on the ceiling, the nuances give a spectacular effect to the room.

Terracotta Fresco lime paint STUDIO kapstok Pure and OriginalFresco Marrakech Walls Classico Terracotta | STUDIO kapstok

White lime paint

Do you like light, whitish tones, do you not want strong nuances but do want to add extra structure? Then Fresco and Marrakech Walls offer a solution. The lighter the colour, the fewer nuances are present, which makes them ideal solutions for adding extra body, without immediately requiring extra attention.

Milk White Fresco lime paint Niamh Barry Pure and OriginalFresco Milk White | Niamh Barry Milk White Marrakech Walls Cami Tidbits Pure and OriginalMarrakech Walls Milk White | Cami Tidbits
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