Ways to use the colour green in your interior

Posted on: 05-11-2020

Green is a very popular colour to use for the interior. It also has a refreshing and relaxing effect besides being such a popular colour. When you think of green, you may quickly think of nature, plants, grass, health. Green is a colour that encourages us to move but at the same time also ensures that you relax, wonderful to come home to after a busy day and therefore the perfect colour for your interior! From mint green to dark green and from grey green to olive green, I will show you how you can apply the colour green in your interior in different ways.

groene trap, groene muren, groen plafondGroen geschilderde trap, donkergroen met betonlook marrakech walls groene muur

Green stairs or hallway

Does your stairs need a fresh coat of paint? Choose the colour green! Paint for stairs is available in many different colours en creates a beautiful eye-catcher in yout hallway. Make sure you buy paint that is suitable for the stairs so that it is good wear and scratch resistant and you can enjoy it even longer. Are you a big fan of the colour green? Then also paint the walls and ceiling in the same colour or different shades of green. Do you like a more minimal effect? Then you can also only paint the banister. 

Slaapkamer met groene muurverf en landelijke woonstijlSlaapkamer met donkergroene muur en plafond

Green in the bedroom

The colour green provides relaxation. This makes green a perfect colour for your bedroom. Do you want a dark and cozy bedroom? Then choose a dark green and use it to paint all the walls and the ceiling. This helps you sleep better. Do you think painting the ceiling is too intense? Then you can also choose to give all walls the same colour green with a beautiful wall paint. Choose different types of paint, such as a smooth chalk paint or a paint with colour nuances. Do you like lighter colours better? Then get bedroom inspiration for light green walls, gray-green walls or mint green. Of course you can also paint the walls in a neutral colour and choose colour in the curtains in the bedroom. Or just make green paneling so that the colour is less present.

keuken met groene muur in afwasbare muurverf en marrakech walls betonlook keuken met groene muren en kozijnen kookboeken en pan

Green in the kitchen

When you think of greenery, you think of nature, fresh apples and fresh vegetables. The perfect match for a space such as the kitchen! Whether you have a small or a large kitchen, green is one of the kitchen colours that fits in every style. A washable wall paint is ideal for the kitchen. You can also apply green by painting the kitchen cabinets with lacquer paint for a new look. Do you want to apply the colour green in other ways? Paint your dining table or dining room chairs green, or paint the wall green and immediately paint the window frames in the same colour.

badkamer met roze muren en groene badkuipbadkamer met groene muren in betonlook en antiek wastafelmeubel

Green in the bathroom

You can achieve a relaxed ambiance in your bathroom with the colour green. Paint your bathroom tiles for a different look, paint the walls with a washable wall paint or opt for a colour nuance by using lime paint. Lime paint is a breathable paint that is bacteria and fungal resistant, making it perfect for the bathroom. It is important to finish it with a sealer to make it water-repellent and wipable. Never use lime paint in the wet areas such as the shower cabin. Do you opt for a more subtle green accent? Then choose green accessories such as a green marble top on your bathroom furniture, plants, towels or paint an antique bath as above in a beautiful green colour.

Groen plafond met marrakech walls betonlook verf met patroongroene muur marrakech walls met 3d structuurroller slangenprint

Eye-catching green

Do you like big gestures in your interior? Then apply green to the ceiling. By using a 3D decorative effectroller you add an extra dimension to it. These types of rollers are available with different patterns. It is important to choose a thicker type of paint for this so that the pattern is clearly visible.

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