Washable wall paint: Scrub-resistant and cleanable paint for your kitchen, hall or children`s room

Washable wall paint: Scrub-resistant and cleanable paint for your kitchen, hall or children`s room

Posted on: 23-06-2020

You come home and kick your shoes off and oops, a stain on your freshly painted wall! Or how about sauce splashes on the wall after cooking that delicious spaghetti bolognese? Your children may have used the wall as their canvas in a creative splurge. And so we can go on for a while. In a number of cases like these, it’s perfect when you have painted your wall with a washable wall paint. This ensures that you remove these stains from your beautifully painted wall!

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Is every wall paint easy to clean?

Not every wall paint is washable. For example, if you choose a chalk paint or a lime paint, it is not washable by nature. As a result, it is possible that you will eventually see some user damage or stains. For a space such as the kitchen, the bathroom, the toilet, the hall or a children's room, it is therefore recommended to choose a washable wall paint.

You can find all kinds of technical properties of the paint on the wall paint product sheet. This contains all the characteristics of the paint, often including the scrubbing class. The scrubbing class of the paint indicates whether the paint is easily washable.

A distinction is made between 3 scrubbing classes:

Scrubbing class 1: Wall paint from this scrubbing class is best cleaned. You can use this paint in any room that is used intensively or gets dirty quickly.

Scrubbing class 2: These are medium to good quality wall paints. This wall paint is cleanable but don't expect miracles.

Scrub class 3: Wall paint with scrub class 3 are suitable for walls that are barely touched.

There are wall paints with a scrubbing class less than 3, but these are absolutely not cleanable because a lot of lime has been added to this wall paint.

Cardinal Red Licetto washable wall paint Iris Floor Pure and OriginalCardinal Red Licetto | Iris FloorSkin Powder Licetto washable wall paint Ingeborg Simone Pure and OriginalSkin Powder Licetto | Ingeborg Simone

Licetto washable wall paint

There are many types of paint on the market that are washable. However, if you have fallen for a matte look, you naturally want this to remain matte. Most matte paints absorb dirt and moisture quickly and are hardly washable. That is different with Licetto paint! This paint is super washable after 2 weeks. Due to the unique and washable properties, Licetto can even be used in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Dirt and limescale are no problem at all. Very important, Licetto is matte and remains matte, even after scrubbing and scrubbing.


How can I make wall paint washable?

If you choose a wall paint such as Fresco lime paint or Marrakech Walls and you want to use this wall paint in spaces such as the bathroom (in the dry rooms), you can protect it with a coating that ensures that dirt does not affect the wall paint and the wall becomes washable. There is the Dead Flat Eco Sealer, which protects the paint and ensures that the wall is easily removable. Do you want to protect the wall, make it water resistant, and give it a high gloss? Then choose the Italian Wax. Italian Wax is a natural transparent wax that deepens the colours and colour nuances and makes the surface water-repellent with multiple polished layers. And do you go for a subtle shine? Then choose the Lime Soap. Lime Soap is a natural soap that is used to saturate porous surfaces and paints such as the Fresco lime paint and Marrakech Walls. Saturation makes the colour fuller and the surface slightly water-repellent, which makes it very maintenance and user-friendly. In addition to the fuller colour and maintenance benefits, the Lime Soap gives the surface a soft, subtle shine.

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