Warm autumn colours for 2018

Warm autumn colours for 2018

Posted on: 15-10-2018

Interior trends for 2018

Whether you want it or not, the seasons come and go. Right now, we are enjoying a true ‘Indian Summer’, ‘till this flows into real autumn and then winter. There is not only a change in colour, sky and temperature outside the house, but there is also a lot moving inside of me and in my interior.  

New colour tones

New season, new colours. For me, this goes hand in hand. In the summer I am attracted to light, fresh colours. Against which, in the darker months, I am more into deep, full colours. So when the leaves change colours, my hands start to itch.

Pink flows into red and brownBrown, pastel greenGreen into a deep shade of green all the way to blackBlack. And with a small touch of yellow, I’m the happiest girl on the world.

Full, clowdy colours

Full colours, like really full colours, is something which is not easily done. You need a good quality to achieve depth like that. I am all into warm, soft, rough and cuddly materials. Think velvet, heavy cotton, linen and wool. Plastic is a no-go!

This is the reason why it is so important that the walls comfort the base of my interior. It is literally the base I’d like to play with. A hard, pale wall doesn't feel cosy at all. The walls have to live, embrace, take me in and flow into all the furniture in the interior.

Lime paint for nuances

To achieve the feeling, as described above, lime paint is one of my favourite paint qualities. Lime paint is just a cannot-miss in my interior. At least one wall must be painted with this natural paint with colour nuances. Most of the time, I’d like to combine lime paint with chalk-based paint. This paint quality is a bit more ‘boring’ but certainly indispensable. The paint is full, with endless deep colour and powdery soft. Yes, just like velvet! Yes. It is true.

A newbie in my favourites is Marrakech Walls. I applied this paint quality as a true eye-catcher in my living room. I think this is the best way to make the a statement. No fuss, no cabinets. It’s a piece of art.

To combine lime paint and chalk-based paint

The two of these fit together perfectly! It creates a beautiful, full base which you can play with, endless. You can combine new things and change your interior every day if you like. Want to add a new colour? Some new pillows. A new material? Just add a new vase and lamp. It is so simple to play with all the pieces when the base is solid.

Autumn colours

As I said, in the winter I am more into darker, warmer colours. Actually just as the days get shorter and darker, and the sweaters thicker. The feeling of a cosy evening around the fireplace, or candles. Think about it: how amazing would it be, when you can reach into this feeling just by adding the right colours and materials to your interior? You are always coming home into a warm, comfortable house.

Dark red shades

For me, these images radiate exactly the feeling of autumn.  Or better said, how I want to feel in the fall. Not cold, wet and shaky. But warm, satisfied and comfortable. The colour nuances bring the wall to life, give depth and show all kind of shades in the same colour. Light, dark, shadow or lightened out. You can find all shades.

Dark Cardinal Red lime paint with nuancesEco lime paint with natural pigments and colour nuances

Soft beige tints with brown and ocre yellow

I’d like to combine the dark shades with a more lighter, softer colour, as this warm sandy colour. I quickly find whiteWhite too hard in combination with a colour as shown above. A warm colour as this sand enriched the red perfectly.

And not to forget, this wall is painted with Marrakech Walls! How beautiful are these structures! Just a bit more rough compared to lime paint.

The sandy tint is easily combined with natural wood, wool, leather and reed in natural tints. With as eye-catcher: the ocreOcre yellow panelling and big brown vase. These elements are in a solid colour which creates a nice contrast between the mixed colours of the natural materials and the nuances in the Marrakech Walls. The yellow accent brings the WOW!

Sandy colours with ocre and brown, autumn trend 2018Marrakech Walls tadelakt look in sandy tints with colour nuances

Deep blue as the night

Blue is a beautiful, full colour and much easier to combine as you may think. Try blue with pink, dark green or canary yellow.

A ton-sur-ton creates a soft ambience. You can complete this look with some natural materials. For a true colour-pop effect, you do not combine blue with ton-sur-ton tints, but with a true pop colour, as bright yellow. To bring the tints a bit more close to each other, you can play with tints as greyed green, a tint between yellow and blue.

Steel Blue lime paint with natural pigments in blue ton-sur-ton shadesDark night blue with bright yellow and soft grey-ish olive leaves

Seen on the pictures:

Photo 1
Fresco lime paint in the colour Cardinal RedCardinal Red
Candle stand – Nijhof
Curtain – Nijhof


Photo 2
Fresco lime paint in the colour Cardinal Red
Candle pendant – Nijhof
Bowl – Nijhof


Photo 3

Marrakech Walls in the colour Sahara DustSahara Dust
Classico in the colour Ocre
Classico in the colour Sahara Dust – plinth
Pouf – Esatto
Plaid – Esatto
Pillow – Esatto
Skin – Esatto
Stool – Esatto
Reed – Esatto
Vase – Nijhof


Photo 4
Marrakech Walls in the colour Sahara Dust
Classico in the colour Sahara Dust – plinth
Bench – Esatto
Basket – Nijhof
Plaid – Esatto


Photo 5
Fresco lime paint in the colour Steel BlueSteel Blue
Classico in the colour Sahara Dust – plinth
Bench – Esatto
Curtain – Nijhof
Plaid – Esatto


Photo 6
Fresco lime paint in the colour Steel Blue
Classico in the colour Sahara Dust – plinth
Crown – Esatto
Childs chair – Esatto


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Photography: Muk van Lil
Production and styling: Iris Floor
Special thanks: Esatto and Nijhof

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