Trend matte white

Posted on: 13-07-2020

An interior with depth in shades of white


White is by far the most chosen colour for the interior. Off-white or cream-white walls, traffic white for the ceiling, and warm white for the floor. There are so many different shades of white to choose from!

Matte black

Recently we saw the introduction of the trend colour matte black in the interior. This was partly due to the popularity of black steel. As a result, matte black was no longer just industrial and sturdy, but it could suddenly be used in any interior!

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From black to white

It took some getting used to, all of a sudden all those black doors and frames, but in the meantime we really can't get around it anymore, a matte black steel door in the house has actually become quite normal. But nothing is forever, because just as we are used to the influence of black there is a new hijacker on the coast: white!

White, of course, never left. Many a house is immersed in a bath of white paint. White walls, white ceilings, a white kitchen and so on. Before the black frames and doors were hip, white was the "standard". So what has changed now?


Trend colour white in 2020

What I also started with, there are a lot of shades of white. Because white really isn't just white. The most chosen colour white for the interior is RAL 9010, a white with a very small shade of soft yellow which gives the colour warmth.

If you look at the "standard" doors and frames, they are often executed in RAL 9010 with a satin finish. This means that it has a light shine. But of course there are many more options!

Lately we see that matte white is on the rise. A bright, fresh white shade with a super matte finish. Matt white doors and window frames are fresh and bring in a lot of light. And it is also beautiful with steel and glass! So no, you don't have to demolish your black steel door for an on-trend white variant, you can just give it a lick of paint.

To paint steel you use a strong lacquer paint, for example Carazzo.

Help, my white interior feels hard and cold!

A white interior can sometimes kill, it feels hard and cold. By choosing through a full paint with depth you add life to the walls, this makes them feel less hard and creates atmosphere. This depth is created by both the paint itself (think of the ingredients, are these synthetic or natural?), But especially the pigments and finish add a lot. Natural pigments feel much finer than synthetic pigments, they are deeper in color and always make a nice match. When you finish you think of the finish, does the paint have a gloss, or is it matte? A gloss can sometimes be hard and impersonal, which is why it is nice to opt for a matte wall paint for a large area, for example Classico chalk paint.

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How do I get depth in the interior with white?

What is also increasingly emerging is textured paint in a white tone. Because white walls are beautiful, but structure brings extra extra depth! This can be experienced very well in a white shade.

For example, you can look at Fresco lime paint or Marrakech Wall's concrete look paint. These are paints with natural colour nuances that immediately bring your space to life. The more pigment the paint contains, the more nuances it shows. The lighter the colour, the fewer nuances. With white you will not see much nuance, it is a very soft, subtle effect. But you can feel it. The finish is intensely matt (chalk mat) which creates a very nice quiet atmosphere. And the nuances, even though they are virtually invisible, are still there.

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High-gloss white or matte white?

Of course it is always important to check what the function is for the room before you make a choice in paint type, finish and colour.

For a space where you want to feel comfortable and warm, such as the living room, choose a matte finish and nuance more quickly, for example by combining chalk paint and lime paint. Combine this with soft fabrics and a woolen rug and the homely atmosphere will draw you in.

For a business space, you prefer a glossy lacquer and practical, washable wall paint, for example Traditional Paint and Licetto. The combination of a gloss paint and matte washable wall paint exude quality and professionalism and are of course very practical.

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