The perfect grey wall in your livingroom

The perfect grey wall in your livingroom

Posted on: 11-05-2020
When you think of Huizedop, you think of grey walls! We love it, especially a dark grey color in combination with other shades of grey and natural make for a very nice base for your interior.

After we took a trip to color at the time with Post Modern Mauve from Pure & Original, we opted for safe dark grey on the walls in the living room at the end of last year, it became Slate Grey. In this blog post you can read everything about the Marrakech Walls that we applied at the time and with which we created the result below.
Marrakech Walls Slate Grey bij Huize Dop Pure & Original verf

Why repaint the wall?

Quite simply, I had made an error of judgment. The masking tape made the lines of the old frame very visible (they were on the wall, as it were). We should have sanded these lines away afterwards. In addition, we should have painted the wall 2x in the primer to properly compensate for the color difference. After all, when we were done with the job and everything was dry, the frame came through. Bales!

It just wasn't right and if I don't like something it's half done. So after a few months I thought, Dop, this is not possible!

From Marrakech Walls to a plain grey wall

And yet I saw another opportunity! Because in recent years we have never had this wall plain dark grey and we were both very curious how this would look. In consultation with Pure & Original, I decided to put the wall in the pre-colored WallPrim Pro. The effect and finish is almost the same as the Classico chalk paint. I wanted to experience how a solid grey wall would be, but also have the opportunity to go back to the effect of the Marrakech Walls. With this we killed 2 birds with one stone because you can also use the WallPrim Pro as a basis for your Marrakech Walls.

Do you get the wall smooth again after setting up the Marrakech Walls?

This is a frequently asked question. In principle, the Marrakech Walls, like concrete cire, is a flat wall, without relief. We always leave some chip strokes visible because I like some life in a wall. If you do not want this, you can prevent this by cutting well and sanding afterwards. Sanding is therefore the magic word! By sanding, you can make your entire wall completely tight again. We also sanded a lot because we wanted to completely remove the frame and there were some rough spots on it that we also wanted to have removed.

After sanding, we applied two layers of Pure & Original WallPrim Pro in the color Slate Grey and tadaa!, below you will find the result.

WallPrim Pro Slate Grey bij Huize Dop met Pure & Original verf
WallPrim Pro Slate Grey bij Huize Dop met Pure & Original verf
We love it! The whole has become a lot quieter and the color is insanely beautiful! A really beautiful dark grey shade that is certainly not too dark, but powerful enough to give the room power. We are a fan and it will stay that way for the time being.

I am very curious what you think of this metamorphosis.

Love, Judith
WallPrim Pro Slate Grey bij Huize Dop met Pure & Original verfWallPrim Pro Slate Grey bij Huize Dop met Pure & Original verf
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