The perfect colour pink for your interior

Posted on: 13-09-2021

There are countless different shades of pink. Just visit a hardware store and look at the colour cards, then the choice is already huge. It is precisely this enormous choice that does not make choosing a colour any easier. Would you also like to apply pink in your interior and do you recognize this? Then I'm going to help you. I found the perfect shade of pink that is easy to apply in different rooms in the house. I also show you which other colours you can combine this shade with.

Applying pink paint, the perfect shade

When choosing a paint colour, it can help to choose one colour brochure instead of choosing from a huge range of colours. This ensures that you don't get overwhelmed by all the colours out there. Of course I only have the Pure & Original colour brochure at home. As an ambassador of the brand I am slightly biased but on this colour brochure I always find the right colour for my painting projects. And on this I also found the colour Soft Flamingo, a perfect pink!

Pink is a colour that has become indispensable in the interior world in the past recent years. Where the colour was previously mainly used in sweet baby and children's rooms, you now see the colour more and more often in rooms such as the living room, including in mine.

Soft Flamingo entered the Deense Zomer home last summer. I chose to dip a long wall in the living/dining room, including the door and skirting boards, in this beautiful pink colour. Due to the powdery colour, it fits perfectly in the living room. The colour lives up to its name. I chose the washable matte Licetto wall paint and for the door and skirting boards I used the Traditional Paint High-Gloss lacquer paint.

What colours to combine with pink

What is so special about this colour is that it combines perfectly with other colours on the Pure & Original color brochure. Take a look at the photos below to see how surprising the result is. On the left photo you can see the beautiful combination with Old Ocre and Polar Blue. On the right photo the combination with Provincial Gold. This inspired me for the bedroom of our daughter Yfke (5). I'm going to show you how that turned out!
Soft Flamingo Licetto Deense Zomer Pure & OriginalProvincial Gold Licetto Linda van der Wal Pure and Original

Apply Soft Flamingo in the kidsroom

After I saw the colour combination of Soft Flamingo and Provincial Gold in the living room, my hands started to itch and I was really looking forward to a makeover of Yfke's bedroom. This was also necessary after a previous failed wallpaper attempt. Despite the fact that our 70’s house does not have high ceilings, I chose to paint the ceiling in the colour Provincial Gold. Yfke also liked a golden ceiling and I also applied the colour on one wall. I painted the remaining walls in the pink colour Soft Flamingo. I left the skirting boards white because I thought it would fit better in a toddler's bedroom because of the playful effect.
Both colours look great in combination with the existing black frame and the black radiator. A room that, in addition to sleeping, also invites you to play and be creative.
Provincial Gold Licetto Linda van der Wal Pure and OriginalSoft Flamingo Licetto Deense Zomer Pure & OriginalSoft Flamingo Licetto Deense Zomer Pure & OriginalSoft Flamingo Licetto Deense Zomer Pure & Original

The end result speaks for itself

In my opinion, this make-over makes it clear that Soft Flamingo is a perfect pink colour for your interior. The softness of the colours, the ease of combining with other colours and the versatile applicability at home make it the perfect pink for me. Have I convinced you yet?
Linda van der Wal Studio Deense Zomer
 Linda van der Wal is owner of Studio Deense Zomer and Pure & Original ambassador.