Staircase inspiration

Posted on: 16-07-2020

A new staircase thanks to a coat of paint!

A new staircase is a costly affair, and if the staircase is still fine in terms of its base, why would you choose a new one, if it can be done much easier? You give the stairs a new look quickly, and much cheaper, by giving it a fresh coat of paint. So all wear and scratches are a thing of the past and it fits completely in the interior again!

A basic staircase in new-build homes

We often choose to paint the stairs in a simple colour that goes with everything: white. It doesn't really matter in which interior you place the stairs, even if you change the colours on the wall and the interior style every month, the stairs always fit in, handy right?

When you step into a new-build home, the stairs often immediately catch your eye: white, worn and meaningless. "We didn't know what we wanted so just painted it white." Then it's time to do something about it! Because a staircase that is well painted is so much more tidy and inviting than such a worn, worn-out staircase. So grab the brushes from the shed and choose a nice colour!

A pink staircase as an eye-catcher

If you want to give the stairs a little more so that it matches the interior, and better yet, lifts the interior to a higher level, then you opt for an eye-catcher staircase, as we see more and more soft pink stairs.
Skin Powder Carazzo Inge van Cleef Pure & OriginalSkin Powder Carazzo Okermint Pure & Original

A green staircase in a green interior

Do you like greenery in the interior? Then why not choose a dark green for the stairs?

Green Room Marrakech Walls Margaret de Lange Pure & OriginalBlack Hills Carazzo Margaret de Lange Pure & Original

Stairs in tone-on-tone colour palette

Is that just a bit too intense? A staircase in a tone-on-tone tone also works very nicely, just choose a shade darker than the colour on the wall. For example anthracite, brown or beige.


Black Truffle Carazzo Iris Floor Pure & OriginalDeep Earth Carazzo Esatto Pure & OriginalMoonstone Fresco lime paint Black Smoke Traditional Paint Iris Floor Pure & OriginalWhite Rhino Fresco lime paint Carazzo Cannonball Iris Floor Pure & Original

Paint railing

And while you're at it, don't forget to bring the handrail. You can choose to paint it in the same colour as the stairs, or you can choose to extend the colour of the wall to the handrail, so it falls away nicely.

What paint do you use for painting the stairs?


Of course you want super strong paint for the stairs, Pure & Original has floor paint in its range: Carazzo. This is a water-based matt lacquer paint that you can apply very well on the stairs.

You can use the same Carazzo universal lacquer paint for the railing, but you can also choose Traditional Paint with a soft eggshell finish.

A blog by Iris Floor for Pure & Original. Allround stylist, creative advisor & developer at STUDIO Kapstok.