Pure & Original in our kitchen

Pure & Original in our kitchen

Posted on: 03-06-2019

Pure & Original in our kitchen

A while ago I received a mail from Pure & Original stating that they were releasing new paint colors for Spring/Summer 2019. As I love colors, I was very excited! They sent a teaser of the new colors and I truly loved them all. They let me try out 2 colors and I immediately knew the 2 rooms in our house that could use a make-over; our kitchen and our hallway. Today on the blog; our kitchen!

A colorful kitchen

The previous color of our kitchen was a soft pink, but I was always a bit hesitant about it. It looked a lot like our living room pink and as I love contrast, it looked a little too similar to our brick wall on the right. So I was looking for a deeper, or at least a bit darker color.
Dusty Lavender a soft pinkish purple tone in the kitchenPurple is a perfect combination with fresh white for a clean kitchen lookCombination of pinkish purple walls with a dark green ceiling and white doorsA white kitchen with purple Classico walls and a dark green ceiling

A new purple tone

The color I chose from Pure & Original was “Dusty LavenderDusty Lavender”. As I said I wanted it to be a bit darker than the previous pink, and it also had to match our dark greenGreen ceiling. Think we nailed it :)

I love how it’s a very nice contrast with our whiteWhite kitchen, and how it looks different in every angle. Let’s show you some more!
Red bricks, purple kitchen paint walls and a fresh white kitchen with black accents
Green ceiling with purple kitchen walls for a modern colorful lookWhite kitchen combined met soft purple kitchen wallpaint and brick stonesA colourful kitchen with red, purple, green and whiteWaterbased chalk paint with natural pigments for a good indoor climate
Coincidentally my mom brought me these beautiful lilacs, that matched the wall perfectly ♥
I love how an evening of painting can make such a difference! I love the softness this color brings to this room. Thank you Pure & Original for sending us this beautiful paint!

Thank you for reading and have a great day,
Love, Marrit
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