Paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls

Posted on: 01-10-2020

All ceilings in our house are painted white. I sometimes get the question what kind of white is on it, but the painter then sprayed the ceiling “just white” so unfortunately I don't have a colour number. I occasionally see pictures passing by on Pinterest or Instagram where the ceiling is painted in the same colour as the walls and that gives a very nice effect. The lack of contrast (which you have with a white ceiling) gives the room a lot of peace and because of the light, the colour on each wall is different.

The ceiling in our hallway

Our hallway is my "room for experimentation". Since it is not that big and it is not a space where you stay for hours, it is less scary to try something new here. Ideal for painting the ceiling along with the walls. In addition, it is not a large surface so the physical work can also be overseen. Top!

I thought it would be nice to paint all the walls this time instead of just the right wall, so the intention was to let the colour of the ceiling continue downwards. Last year we painted the corridor wall in the autumn colours of Pure & Original. This time I wanted to get started with the HUIZEDOP paint colours. I have 3 basic colors that we use throughout the house. This is an ideal colour palette and can be used for multiple interior styles. Our house colours are Slate Gray, Evening Shadow and Island White. On this page you can read which colours we have used in which room and also which paints from Pure & Original we like to use. If you are looking for the perfect basis for your interior, then I recommend this colour palette!

The hallway is quite dark and although I think it would be cool to paint Slate Gray on the ceiling, I didn't think it would be wise, so I chose Evening Shadow. A very nice mouse gray shade. We used Classico chalk paint on both the walls and the ceiling. An ultra-matte wall paint. You apply it with a roller and with 2 layers it is perfectly covering and streak-free! Really great because painting a ceiling without stripes is not easy. Now it appears again that it really is largely due to the paint.

Evening shadow Classico chalk based paint hallway Judith HuizedopSlate Grey Marrakech Walls hallway Judith Huizedop

The effect is really great! What peace it radiates and so warm. I didn't have to get used to it because the picture was right immediately. Completely finished and nothing more to do.

The paneling in the hallway

Since the first metamorphosis of the hallway, we have painted paneling on the wall. This is now the fourth colour combination and again I chose the paneling. Just at the same height again. Nice and easy with masking too;).

Since we no longer have a Marrakech Walls wall in the living room and I would still like to have this concrete look come back somewhere, I decided to do this here. And then of course in the Slate Gray because it combines top with Evening Shadow. For me it is now a routine job because I have already worked a lot with this product and it is always a surprise how the wall turns out because it is always completely different. Also this time it worked out well!

Slate Grey Marrakech Walls hallway Judith HuizedopSlate Grey Marrakech Walls hallway Judith Huizedop

Lime Soap

The hallway is a much-used space, so it is important to provide some protection for the walls. I decided to treat the wall with the Lime Soap. It is used to saturate porous paints and surfaces such as the Marrakech Walls. Saturation makes the colour fuller and the surface slightly water-repellent. You apply it with a sponge and it really smells like soap. I immediately saw that the colour became more intense. We had sanded the wall and that makes the paint a bit lighter. With the Lime Soap it went back to the original colour with a slight sheen. A nice effect!

The layout of our small hallway

Good is good, so the bench could stay and of course the mirror! Behind the meter cupboard we have the coats hanging and a shoe rack for the children, but in practice the children's coats always swung on the bench. I was done with this, so I bought a second coat rack! Something we should have done much earlier. Since this coat rack hangs, the hall is a lot tidier and that makes me happy!

When it was completely finished, decorated, styled and the jackets hanging on the coat rack, I was really very happy. What a beautiful hallway it had become again. The colours are of course beautiful, the effect of painting the ceiling and the combination with the mirror and the bench remains great. In short, another successful metamorphosis and I am very curious what you think of it.

Love, Judith

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