Paint colours for the nursery

Posted on: 30-10-2020
More and more colour is emerging! Where we previously painted the corridors in Chalky Coral, and my friend's home office in Hop, it was finally the turn of the nursery, the nicest room if I say so myself.

Before I knew whether we had a boy or girl, I already knew that I really wanted to work with the colour Soft Greek. Since we already have the entire hall and hallway downstairs in Skin Powder and the stairwell and the hallway upstairs are completely covered in Chalky Coral, there was also enough pink present.

Soft Greek is a beautiful lavender blue colour and actually matches everything I think.
Because it is a baby room I wanted to keep it soft. A beige shade seemed nice to me and through Pure & Original I received a number of beige samples, after which we quickly chose Almond. We painted the living room in the colour Sahara Dust and we are very happy with that, but a different touch is nice. In addition, Sahara Dust gets very warm with sunlight and we found something cooler fun for the baby room.

Start painting!

The room had been empty for 2 years and a lot had to be done. The previous inhabitants had stuck a lot of planets on the wall there that did not go off without a struggle. When the stickers were removed there were really big holes in the plaster layer of the wall. We sanded this down lightly and hoped for the best. Jos started working on the walls and I started with the chest of drawers.
Almond Classico krijtverf schilderen muur muurverf babykamer Justine Leenarts Pure & Original
Spoiler, you couldn't see it after painting! This is a real advantage of Pure & Original, because the paint is so matt, it attracts the light very differently, so you really couldn't see the holes in the wall. Very happy!
Soft Greek Almond muurverf Classico lakverf Traditional Paint meubel schilderen Justine Leenarts Pur

Refurbish furniture with Traditional Paint lacquer

We bought the commode second hand for 20 euro on Marktplaats. So nice to do something yourself! First we thoroughly cleaned (degreased) the wooden chest of drawers and then I started giving the entire chest of drawers a first layer with the primer from Pure & Original. This was white on white so a precise job. When the primer had dried I went over it twice with Traditional Paint in the colour Soft Greek. This immediately covered surprisingly well, so that the job was done in a day! The great thing about the paint is that it is also very matte.
Almond Classico krijtverf schilderen muur muurverf babykamer Justine Leenarts Pure & OriginalAlmond Classico krijtverf schilderen muur muurverf babykamer Justine Leenarts Pure & OriginalSoft Greek Traditonal Paint meubels schilderen babykamer Justine Leenarts Pure & Original
Chalky Coral Classico hallway gang Pure & Original pink Justine Leenarts
The best thing I think is that you now see all the colours in combination above, Chalky Coral, Hop, Almond and Soft Greek. They all work so well together. Very happy with the result!
Justine Leenarts Justine Leenarts is a photographer for ELLE, Grazia, L'officiel, Scotch & Soda and Tommy Hilfiger, among others.