Kitchen make-over with Fresco lime paint

Kitchen make-over with Fresco lime paint

Posted on: 26-03-2018

Kitchen make-over with Fresco lime paint

So, my friend Therese asked me to help her to create a nice kitchen. She had tried some different things that she hoped would refresh the kitchen (buy some new interior, add some stickers to the fronts and so on). It was not her plan to change the whole kitchen, but I gave her an idea that she could not resist.

The original kitchenRemove the kitchen and place a new one

Start from scratch with the magic lime paint

My suggestion was to start from scratch. Build a kitchen similar to mine: with no cabinets on the wall and the magic detail – lime paint! Without cabinets on the wall, it would make the room feel and look bigger (she has a living room and kitchen in one). And number one detail that people would see as soon as they walked in the apartment - the painted wall.


The kitchen itself did not cost much so the details were even more important. She loves less is more – so this kind of paint is perfect for her: not too much and not too anonymous! She didn´t want it too girly and not too dark. I showed her several colours and she immediately fell for Oxford Blue.

Highligh the detail

I didn´t want to take much attention away from the wall and picked interior that highlighted Oxford BlueOxford Blue. For example, the brass pot with the mandarin plant, the brownBrown cutting board, some small posters, and the simple shelves filled with some nice details. The shelves also make the ceiling look higher as if the wall goes sky high. Therese is from the countryside, so a touch of nature was essential.


Therese painted the wall herself and she keeps on wondering how much fun it was! It is different to paint with lime paint, and so much more fun. I always tell people who paint with lime paint for the first time, that the uglier you paint, the better the result! She was very nervous to watch it dry because it looked very grey and not so blue.

Painting the wall with lime paint in blueThe paint lightens up when dry

A Nordic kitchen with a soft touch

The result is a Nordic kitchen with an interior that makes a soft touch, for example, the wooden details. The space is airy at the same time as it´s complementary with the rest of the room. She had a broker over to give her a new price for the apartment. And it´s an understatement to say that he loved the kitchen because of the colour.

I also got a million questions about the colour – success in other words. And the most important thing: Therese is oh so happy and finally has a kitchen she´s proud of and loves to spend time in. She constantly sends snaps from the kitchen and I really can´t complain.

Kitchen detailsBlue Nordic look kitchen with lime paintFresco lime paint in Oxford BlueBeautiful small kitchen with lime paint
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