Kids room with fresh green paneling

Kids room with fresh green paneling

Posted on: 31-01-2020

Kids room with fresh green paneling

As interior design enthusiast, and especially colour enthusiast, I enjoy have a breath of fresh air in the home every now and then. This time, it was Evy’s bedroom’s turn. 
Not every project needs to be huge or complicated. In this case it was a simple job. Care to join me and read along?

What is child-friendly paint?

I’ll be painting the wall with a child-friendly wall paint: Licetto. With it the wall will be able to withstand all the toddler chaos and is easily cleanable. The paint has a matte finish and is also suitable for the kitchen and bathroom. Ideal for a kids room!

How do you apply washable wall paint?

First, I painted the wall with one layer of primer (WallPrim Pro). The primer was already coloured, which immediately gave the room a different look! After the primer had fully dried, the Licetto could be applied. Because the primer was already coloured, I only had to apply one coat of paint. It has turned out beautifully!

Painting playful paneling

The messy paneling gives a playful look and this way you can easily decide to switch colours at some point. With the addition of the pink curtains it has become a cheerful whole.

Choosing a colour for the kids room

The colour on the wall used to be Skin Powder from Pure & Original and now we have selected a cooler tone: Silver ClaySilver Clay. This blue green tone goes well with the other white walls and the pink curtains.
Before picture of kids room with white walls, playfully messy pink paneling and kids stuffed animalsAfter picture kids room with mint green paneling, a red and wooden table, pink curtains and stuffed Close up of the wooden with red accents kids table, with a stuffed animal sitting in the chair and aClose up of a small plant on the table in a light coloured pot and with a donkey head plushie hangin
Thanks for reading and see you next project!
Aylin is a lover of luxury. On her Instagram account @Okermint she shares the most beautiful pictures of her home where she lives with her husband Jeffrey and daughter Evy. Her foundation is white, which she adds accents of soft pastels and deep green and red tones to.