Inspiration and ideas for a small hallway

Inspiration and ideas for a small hallway

Posted on: 03-01-2020

With little space for your coats and shoes, you naturally want to use the space as efficiently as possible. And of course, you always want to enter your home in a nice and pleasant hallway, so you need a good ambience. Curious about how we solved this issue? Make sure to keep reading.

First things first: The layout of our small hallway

I often receive the question whether we even have any coats or shoes, since you can never see them on any of the pictures. It’s true you never see them! But of course, we have coats and shoes, and yes, they are kept in the hallway.


When you enter our home through the small hallway, to the right you find the toilet and the fuse box. Behind that is a small area where we placed the coatrack. It’s a great coatrack, but yes, it’s a pretty tight fit. Mike’s and my coats are hanging on hangers and the kid’s coats are hanging on hooks behind them. In the autumn and winter that tiny area is definitely packed with all the large winter coats. 


Underneath the coatrack we placed an Ikea cabinet, the 2-cubicle Kallax. This cabinet is 77x42cm and fits perfectly (lucky!). We keep all the kid’s shoes in here. Our own shoes are kept upstairs in our closets.

Hallway with white walls, black accents, and wooden and black metal coatrackHallway with a white wall and a caramel coloured wall, with a black wall in the background with door

Of course, we also have all our scarves and gloves, which we keep in the baskets on the floor. Super handy and it looks great as well. Our hallway isn’t very big and the contents is often exploded over the entire hallway, but it is what it is. As long as it’s kept tidy all is well.

The (paint) history of our hallway

When we moved in two years ago, we didn’t do anything with the hallway. But after half a year, it was time to do something with the hallway. You can read all about it in this article. The yellow and off-black hallway was a hit and I still often see it pass by on Pinterest or in other homes. Which is great to see! This spring, I decided to swap out the ‘yellow’ colour for the pink Chalky CoralChalky Coral from Pure & Original. This was an easy change, since the panelling stayed at the same height. I taped it off, started rolling, and within no time it was done! A pleasant and fresh colour for summer that matched well with the living room.

Hallway with black and light pink panelling, wooden bench, and large round mirror

Time for something new!

A few weeks ago, I showed what we did with the CaramelCaramel colour for our stairway in this blog post. Here we created a tight panelling that matched well with the black Upstairs stairway, which you can read all about in this article.

Stairs and dining area with dark grey, caramel, and white walls with panelling and natural and woode

I really liked the colour and thought it went well with the time of the year, so I decided to continue with the colour in the hallway. But there were two more colours from the autumn winter collection that I wanted to use. There were three colours next to each other on the colour card and it seemed like a great idea to combine these. The colours are Caramel, Dry TerraDry Terra, and MarsalaMarsala.


A colleague of mine showed me pictures of her new house where I noticed she had some amazing gold birds hanging in her living room. Wow!!! Suddenly all these ideas came to me, with the large, round mirror and the birds as a starting point. How great would it be if I could bring the sun into the picture, with a horizon and the flying birds. I started sketching it out and the idea became a plan!

Getting to work

The entire wall was going to be painted in the colour Caramel. I opted for the Licetto paint from Pure & Original. This paint is washable, making it perfect for in the hallway! I first prepped the entire wall with the Pure & Original WallPrim which makes sure the paint fixes well. When this dried, the Licetto was applied. What a difference! And what a warm colour.


Next, I painted the ‘horizon’ in the colour Dry Terra. You can read how to paint a super straight line in this article. Immediately after, I painted the sun. For this I used a large plate. Mike held it up while I traced it with a pencil, and there you go! With a brush I ‘coloured in’ in the sun. Piece of cake! The foundation was there, and it looked good. The colours were working together and created a nice cohesive whole.

Wall painted with caramel and dry terra with gold bird decoration and a large round mirror

The styling of our small hallway

Next it was time for the decoration, which is just as important! The mirror was bought at Sissboy a while back, but is not available anymore. Thankfully I know someone who still offers them: Lies from Our mirror has a diameter of 100cm. Lies offers them with diameters between 100cm and 120cm. You can place an order by sending an e-mail or by dropping by her store in Veenendaal.


And then the birds!!! Man, they’re just so awesome! I got them from All the luck in the world. A store in Amsterdam full of jewellery and knick-knacks, and of course these gold birds. They’re such eye-catchers, partly because of the material and the peaceful vibe they have. Lovely!

I first laid them out on the floor to see how much space I wanted between each bird and at what height I wanted them, and then I just went for it and hammered the nails into the wall. No point in being afraid, just go for it!


After that I finished the rest of the decoration with some variations based on the theme, as you can see in the pictures. Both colour wise and also in the choice of materials. Despite the rather distinctive colours and the theme, it was no problem combining different ambiances. Love it!

Hallway with white ceiling, black door, and caramel and dry terra colours wall with gold bird decoraHallway with large round mirror, caramel and dry terra horizon effect wall, black door, wooden bench

In my opinion, the idea, which came to me spontaneously, turned out exactly as I had pictured it, making this a successful mission!

I’m really curious to hear what you all think of it.

Love, Judith