How to paint your exterior wall

How to paint your exterior wall

Posted on: 29-05-2020

Do you want to bring more atmosphere into your garden? Or have you been looking at an ugly exterior wall for a while? When the weather gets better, you spend more time outside. To create more atmosphere in your garden or to give your house a different look, you can choose to paint your exterior wall. But how can you best tackle this? We help you with a step-by-step plan so that you can easily do this yourself with the Pure & Original Kalei facade paint!

What do you need?
  • A high pressure sprayer
  • Pure & Original WallFix
  • A Kalei block brush
  • Kalei facade paint
Paint your exterior wall moonstone quartz kalei

Step 1: Prepare your exterior wall for painting

Before you start painting your exterior wall or facade, it is important that the surface is clean, dry, free of dust and grease. This will keep your exterior wall beautiful and protected for longer.

To remove all contamination, dust, oil, grease, cracked paint or other foreign materials, it is recommended to first thoroughly spray the wall with a high-pressure cleaner. Let the outside wall dry for 30 days (rain is no problem) and then treat it with the Pure & Original WallFix. This serves as an insulation and fixation layer for painting. The above applies to a surface of concrete, cement and brick, do you want to paint another surface? View the technical information of the Kalei facade paint here.


Coffee Cream Kalei facade paint

Step 2: Paint your exterior wall with Kalei facade paint

Have you finished cleaning the surface? Then it is time to apply the Kalei facade paint. This comes in different types. Quartz Kalei with a somewhat coarser appearance and Calx Kalei which gives an even effect. Apply 1 to 2 layers of the Kalei, depending on the desired appearance, with a Kalei block brush for a natural look. Do not paint in direct sunlight. The paint is dust-free after 30 to 60 minutes.

Step 3: Clean your hands and tools


Are you ready and is your exterior wall completely to your liking? Immediately after use, clean your hands and tools with soap and water.

Do you have some paint left? This will keep well in the original packaging in a dry and frost-free place for up to 12 months.

Step 4: Enjoy

You will notice that by painting the exterior wall, your garden or house immediately gets a completely different look. After all the hard work, it's time to enjoy the end result!

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