How to bring autumn into your home

How to bring autumn into your home

Posted on: 18-09-2019

How to bring autumn into your home

Autumn officially starts on the 23rd of September, but these past few weeks I've already started to notice the days quickly getting shorter. Suddenly the lights need to be turned on quite a bit earlier and waking up in the morning is not quite the same either (not wanting to get out of bed for anything, hahaha).

October, time for a new home interior

With the change of seasons and especially with the transition from summer to autumn, each year I just can't help it, I want to surround myself with warm colours and fabrics. Both in my choice of clothing and at home. Of course, I'm not the only one who feels this way. There's a reason why October has been labelled as the month of home decoration. Outside it's starting to get chilly, so we all head inside, light some candles, grab a blanket and cuddle up on the couch. And since we're spending more time inside, we naturally want to make it more cosy as well and possibly even switch up the colours on the wall.

It's no surprise then that Pure & Original just released their limited edition collection of paint colours, the autumn winter 2019-2020.

Autumn is coming

When I received the autumn winter colour card in the mail, I was ecstatic. It has so many different colours. I decided to first start with the colour CaramelCaramel.

Caramel from Pure & Original… What to do with it?

I was standing in the kitchen with the colour card in my hand, looking around when it came to me. I was time to take on the panelling at the staircase. Even though I still very much enjoyed the current lines and colours, I thought it would be nice to break up all the grey and black tones with a warm autumn colour on the wall.

Getting started with the panelling at the staircase

The first time we painted the panelling at the staircase it was a total metamorphosis of the staircase. Unfortunately, we ended up with a small curve in the panelling that wasn't supposed to be there. We had planned on fixing it, but yeah, we too sometimes postpone these types of chores and just end up not doing them at all ;).

But! We went for a second go!

We often get questions about how we were able to get the panelling so straight. I'm going to explain it to you step by step. Heads up, this method only works for straight banisters:

  1. Grab a spool, put it on the banister, and make dots with a pencil along the banister on the wall.
  2. Use a long ruler to draw a line connecting the dots.
  3. Tape off the line with Frogtape (really nice tape and a must-have for painting)
  4. This following step shouldn't be necessary with Frogtape, but I don't like to take any chances ;). So, this is the tip for getting straight lines. Use a brush to paint over the tape in the colour of the wall above the panelling. This way any paint that happens to leak under the tape will be the colour of the wall and not of the panelling! So, make sure to always save some of your old paint, it always comes in handy.
  5. And that's when autumn enters the picture, it's time for a new colour! Since the wall next to the stairs gets dirty easily, we decided to opt for the Licetto paint for this project. The Licetto paint from Pure & Original is super matt, washable (so also suitable for the kitchen or bathroom) and it does not develop any shine with cleaning or rubbing. Awesome! To make sure it would fix well, we first applied a layer of WallPrim Pro in the same colour as the Licetto. The WallPrim Pro is suitable for various surfaces and is paintable after 4 hours. So, if you start in the morning you can actually finish the project in one day.
  6. After the WallPrim Pro had dried and we had applied the Licetto in the colour Caramel with a roller, we immediately removed the Frogtape from the wall. Don't wait with doing this, but remove the tape while the paint is still "wet". Every time it's so exciting, but yesssss, a straight line has been achieved once again!

The finishing touches

The new colour next to the stairs made the entire area a lot more exciting, but I immediately noticed that the accessories had to be changed. The pink cockatoo poster and other coloured accessories had to go, it just didn't look right.


So, everything out and time to start rebuilding! Since there's already so much happening in the area with all the different lines and furniture, I decided to work with no more than 3 base colours. That way, the area stayed calm. Since there was enough black in the area, I added some Caramel-coloured accessories and candles in addition to some wooden products. These also blended very well with the whole autumn setting.


And now, the final result of this autumn metamorphosis.

Autumn winter colours on the wall at Huizedop, brown orange tint CaramelWashable wall paint as panelling at the stairs in a new autumn colourLight terracotta wall paint colour combined with black, white, and nature tonesAn industrial interior at Judith Huizedop´s home, wood and metal table, black leather chairs

And… did we successfully bring the feeling of autumn into our home?

Well, you can be the judge of that, but we are very happy with how the colours work together. The Caramel colour is very warm and changes throughout the day depending on the light. When it's darker inside, it has more of a brown tone to it, and when there's a lot of light, it tends to have more of a warm orange tone.

It's really amazing to see the colour change like that. The same happens in the living room, where we have the Post Modern MauvePost Modern Mauve colour from Pure & Original.


I'm really curious what you all think of my autumn metamorphosis!


Cheers, Judith

A guest blog by Judith Doppenberg, blogger at Huizedop.