How do you create the ideal home workplace?

How do you create the ideal home workplace?

Posted on: 18-03-2020

The ideal home workplace is different for everyone. CalmCalm, inspiring, messy, colourful or very minimalistic and sleek. To inspire you, we have listed a number of different work environments.

A workplace with natural colours


GreenGreen and blue, calm shades that originate from nature. These shades radiate calm so that you are less distracted and you can concentrate better. Do you want to add an extra dimension? Then paint the wall with an effect paint, such as Fresco lime paint, for extra life and colour nuances.

Belgian Wilderness Fresco Lime Paint MjolkCredits: Mjolk Wall: Belgian Wilderness Fresco
Black Hills Fresco Lime Paint Iris FloorWall: Black Hills Fresco
Country Blue Classico Chalk-based paint Ingeborg SimoneCredits: Ingeborg Simone Wall: Country Blue Classico

Workplace with soothing pastel shades

Soft tones always work well in an interior. Quiet and refined, good to combine with natural materials and white, or for a little more spice, black, or a spicy accent colour.

	Bone Fresco lime paint John Baker & Julie BakerCredits: John Baker & Julie Baker Paneling: Bone Fresco, vergelijkbaar met Poetic Blue
Sahara Dust Classico chalk-based paint Greet van der VeenCredits: Greet van der Veen Wall: Sahara Dust Classico

A colourful, inspiring workplace

Do you like to be inspired by a creative, studio-like workplace? Then choose colour! Let a balanced colour palette be the source of your new idea.

Bohemian Classico chalk-based paint Margaret de LangeWall and closet: Bohemian Classico Window frame: Black Traditional Paint
Brown Red Traditional Paint Margaret de LangeCredits: Margaret de Lange Cabinet and window frames: Brown Red Traditional Paint
Skin Powder Fresco lime paint The Home That Lars BuiltCredits: The home that Lars build Green walls: Fresco Green Room Yellow walls: Fresco Ocre Pink walls: Fresco Skin Powder

An industrial working environment

Grey, black and concrete, go for a cool workplace! Choose a sleek, matte wallpaint in a dark colour, such as Smoked SteelSmoked Steel or BlackBlack. For the paint you choose Classico chalkpaint or Licetto hyper washable wallpaint. The last is especially useful if you regularly have customers, or if you also want to paint the kitchen in the same paint, a cloth over it and the wall is clean again. Do you prefer a concrete look? Choose the Marrakech Walls, this paint gives you the looks of a real wall of concrete, without the use of real concrete. The paint is available in more than 150 colours, so there is always a shade for you!

Smoked Steel Classico chalk-based paint Merlijn SpenkelinkCredits: Merlijn Spenkelink Light wall: Classico Sea Salt Dark wall: Classico Smoked Steel
Earth Stone Marrakech Walls Sabine LametCredits: Sabine Lamet Wall: Earth Stone Marrakech Walls

A minimalist workplace

Don't be distracted by frills, frills and colours, choose basic. A soft white or light gray simply combines with deep brown, or an accent colour.

Evening Shadow Classico chalk-based paint Iris FloorWall: Evening Shadow Classico
Praline Classico chalk-based paint Iris FloorLight wall: Classico Milk White Dark wall: Classico Elephant Skin Ceiling: Classico White Rhino Door: Licetto Praliné

Closet space in the office

Almost forgotten, but just as important as the desk and the office chair: a cupboard! You can choose an open cupboard in which you can display all your beautiful things, or a closed cupboard in which the cupboard functions as an object and / or colour surface in the room. Match the cabinet to the atmosphere of the room by painting the doors in a beautiful colour. For this you choose Traditional Paint or Carazzo, super strong paints that last a long time with frequent use.

Dusty Lavender Traditional Paint Deense ZomerCredits: Deense Zomer Wall: Licetto Steel Blue Cabinet: Traditional Paint Dusty Lavende
Courtly Rose Carazzo Ingeborg SimoneCredits: Ingeborg Simone Wall: Licetto Skin Powder Door and cabinets: Carazzo Courtly Rose
Sahara Dust Classico chalk-based paint Iris FloorWall: Sahara Dust Classico