Home workplace makeover with Fresco lime paint

Home workplace makeover with Fresco lime paint

Posted on: 09-05-2020

In February I started my new challenge as a marketing employee at Pure & Original! Immediately I was allowed to deal with various expressions and promotional material so that I could immediately start working with the beautiful colors. Soon I had a number of favorites and started thinking about where I could apply these colors in my own home.

Shortly after my start at Pure & Original, the Corona crisis came into play. This made us decide to work from home. As a result, from that moment on I was working at home every day in our own office, a bedroom that actually had no other use. We hadn't done anything about this room since we came to live here, so that almost all the walls were still white.

Which type of paint do I want to use?

I had found my project! From the beginning I loved the look of the Fresco lime paint with its beautiful color nuances, so I did not have to think long about which paint I wanted to use. Because I wanted to paint three walls, I also chose a wall in Classico chalk paint to break it all up a bit.
Moodboard kantoor make-over

Choose paint colours

The next step was to choose the colours. Lately I have been crazy about warm colours. This would also look great in my home office and give it a nice warm look in contrast to the white walls. Since a wall was already dark grey and so were the frames, I wanted shades that would go well with this and not a grey paint colour. After an inspiration round on Pinterest I came up with warmer earth tones as you see a lot in Marrakesh in the direction of terracotta and the shades of the different spices. Based on my mood board, I therefore chose Classico chalk paint in the colour Golden MajestyGolden Majesty and Fresco lime paint in the colour Rose DustRose Dust.

Getting started: Time to paint!

This was the first time that I started working with Pure & Original paint. I had already been sold on the appearance of the paint, but I was also very curious about its use.

I started painting the first wall in Classico chalk paint in the color Golden Majesty. And wow, What a beautiful full colour! The paint was applied very fine with a roller and already covered in a layer. As it dried, it became increasingly matt and powdery, which gives a very nice soft look.

The next day I started applying the pre-colored WallPrim Pro in the colour Rose Dust in preparation for the Fresco lime paint. This primer was also easy to apply with a roller, but was quite thick. That is why I diluted it a little bit with water after which it was perfect to apply. I was also immediately impressed by this color. A very nice warm and soft shade, exactly what I was looking for! Just like the Classico paint, the Wallprim Pro immediately covered well with just one coat. Since the walls now had to dry for four hours, I decided to continue the next day.

Fresco kalkverf aanbrengenDroogproces Fresco kalkverf

Applying the lime paint

After drying the primer it was time for the best part, applying the Fresco lime paint in the same Rose Dust color! When I opened the tin I was shocked, this was not the same color as the primer at all! After some app contact with colleague Iris, I was reassured, the color would be all right and so I went to work. First I diluted the lime paint with a little bit of water (max 10%) which made it a bit thinner and easier to apply with the block brush.

The lime in the Fresco paint allows you to create different colour nuances by using the brush movement you make. You can opt for stripes by moving the brush from ceiling to floor or for a cloudy effect by making half-moons with the block brush. I chose the last effect and so I started the paint with half round movements.

Soon I saw the paint drying in the corner where I had started and the end result gradually became visible. As promised by Iris, the colour came completely right and what a beautiful effect!

At the second wall with Fresco lime paint, I doubted whether I would not leave it at the WallPrim Pro so that the colour was even. This was easy because the primer covers so well and is so good in colour. In the end I decided to apply the lime paint over it and I am very happy with the result.

Paint left-overs, what else can I paint?


Because I ordered paint for the required 2 layers but liked the coarser result after 1 layer and therefore left the second layer, I had some paint left over. Because of the beautiful result in my office, I completely got the taste and decided to use the leftovers on a piece of wall in our hallway upstairs. In contrast to the smooth walls in my office, this wall is a spachtelputz wall, which made me wonder if I could use Fresco lime paint on this. But this turned out not to be a problem! The only thing you have to take into account is that you need a little more paint because of the grainy surface and that it is a bit heavier to apply the paint.

How was my first experience with the paint from Pure & Original?

As you may have noticed in this blog, my first experience with Pure & Original paint is very positive! The colors are beautifully full of colour and move with the light during the day. And it was also easy to apply the paint yourself. The yield of the paint is high, so you do not even spend that much more money on a new colour on the wall compared to a brand from the hardware store because you only need 1 layer. I am already thinking about my next painting project!
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