Gorgeous textured walls with Pure & Original Marrakech Walls

Gorgeous textured walls with Pure & Original Marrakech Walls

Posted on: 23-06-2020
We painted our walls with Pure & Original Marrakech mineral based paints, to achieve a lovely faux concrete, Venetian plaster or suede like textured appearance on our walls.
With our kitchen finally finished, I wanted to share all about our process for applying Pure & Original Marrakech Paint, which is designed to give your walls a concrete or suede like appearance – similar to what you might imagine really old plaster walls might look like.  The results are stunning and I’m thrilled to open your mind up to the possibilities of helping your walls truly talk. 
To get a more visual idea of how the application goes, you can see in on my YouTube video!

What is Marrrakech paint?

After discovering Pure & Original, I was dying to try my hand at their Marrakech Walls, which is a paint that is brushed and then troweled to create a look of movement and subtle color variation on your walls – much like concrete, plaster or suede fabric.
One very important thing to note about Marrakech is that the darker the paint colour you choose, the more colour variation and movement you will see.  You can opt for a very bold statement wall, or choose lighter colours for a more subtle effect. 



Milk White Marrakech Walls Cami Tidbits Pure and Original

Our colour selection

While I fully intend on trying some darker colors to create some statement walls in our home (particularly for inside my pantry and my office when we go to finish those spaces) I wanted this main area that adjoins the kitchen and living room to feel very light and bright.

The Marrakech paint still appealed to me because I wanted to see if it could help the walls have more texture and depth, like plaster, even though it was going to be a creamy white paint. While it’s hard to see the true effect through a camera lens with this white paint, I have to say, the results are just as I dreamed up!  The creamy tones, the matte plaster like feel, and the subtle variations are just stunning in person.

Before we moved in, we painted the ceiling and 2 feet down the wall with a standard latex paint, with the color “Chantilly Lace” by Benjamin Moore.  Then I had my husband install a small trim piece to clearly divide where I wanted the Marrakech look. This trim also helps bring down the visual height of our 12 foot walls and makes the space feel a bit more cozy.

I opted for the Pure & Original color “Milk White”, which is slightly warmer than the Chantilly Lace, giving me my desired white tone on tone look.  Our doors and trim in this space are also painted with Pure & Original paint, but I was instructed to use a better suited option which is from their Licetto line. Their Licetto paints are still a nice matte finish, but you get a paint that is more durable and scrubbable without a sealer. You can also definitely use Licetto on your walls or furniture even, which is basically a nice even matte paint.  I picked the color “Ashes” for our trim and doors, which is the most lovely greige. 
Milk White Marrakech Walls Cami Tidbits Pure and OriginalMilk White Marrakech Walls Cami Tidbits Pure and Original

What did we think of Marrakech paint?

In a nutshell . . . loved it!  I want to use it in every room!  I’m dying to play with other colors and paint varieties they have and see the difference and mood we can create.  Their Fresco limepaint looks just as endearing!

I will say, the application process was a little intimidating at first, but only because it was new.  The sanding process created a lot more mess but if you are diligent with covering, it’s not too bad to clean up.  The actual process of painting and troweling didn’t take any longer than applying several layers of traditional paint, it was just different.

I think if you were to start with a single accent wall instead of an entire space, the whole process would be very enjoyable.  It feels more artistic and less like a chore.

I would love to hear what you think of Pure & Original paint!  Is it something you would like to try? Would you opt for a darker color with more noticeable color variations or do you like the look of the subtle whites?

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