From boring wall to wall-to-wall wall furniture

Posted on: 22-06-2022

Van saaie wand tot kamerbreed wandmeubel met verf

BLOG | Styliste Marit Saladini ging aan de slag met een ontwerp voor een Slow Living wandmeubel. Voor de afwerking gebruikte zij Fresco kalkverf in Carazzo lakverf. Ze verteld je hoe ze te werk ging in deze blog.

From boring wall to wall-to-wall wall furniture

As an interior stylist I have been working with Pure & Original products for years. For the shoots with the magazines I am a major consumer of Fresco and Marrakech Walls, which I prefer to apply myself with a block brush and spatula at the set builder. So you can safely say that I'm a big fan, because who doesn't want walls that come alive with a lick of paint?!

This project has been at the top of my list for five years now. When I worked at a photo location for one of my shoots for the magazines, the residents of which had built a concrete band from aerated concrete blocks and painted it over in an impact-resistant concrete paint, I was convinced. This was the right material for our wall unit, which would give our boring straight-on wall a function, split the sitting and dining area in two.
Moodboard slow living wandmeubel project Pure & Original

Aerated concrete blocks for Slow Living wall project

The great thing about aerated concrete is that it is concrete, but it is porous and soft enough to allow for sharp edges, rounding and sanding, creating beautiful “wabi-sabi” organic corners and edges that give that imperfect handmade soft touch. Add a touch to our personal style, which nowadays can best be grouped under the Slow Living style of living, including the organically shaped furniture of rustic Nagawood, the bouclé sofa, the floor made of natural microcement, the linen curtains and the minimalist light and warm colour palette of the Pure & Original colour Bone, and everything exudes nature and tranquility. Just the way we want it.
For a week we had a fantastic team from DIY and painting company Jormundo Mendes, who energetically set to work with my 3d design and mood board. I selected the solid oak planks with bark edge myself and had them cut to size at Schijf Restoric in Uithoorn. At the end of the week there was a complete wall unit with shelf cabinet and the first layer of plaster was on it. wow !
Coffee Cream Fresco kalkverf Marit Saladini Pure & Original

Let´s get to work

Step 1: Colour Hunt

Of course I first started looking for the right colour with the Pure & Original colour card in hand at the position where I wanted to apply the colour. I chose the light colour, which contrasts with the rest of the white of the RAL 9003 on the walls and ceiling, without turning yellow, but with enough colour depth to show the cloudy powdery effect of the fresco lime paint.

Step 2: Order Colour and Collect Tools

After ordering the tins of WallPrim Pro mixed in the colour Bone, and Fresco lime paint also mixed in the colour Bone for the wall, the tins of Carazzo matt lacquer for painting the sofa also in the colour Bone, I am the right tool in go home for the job. I bought a block brush for this, a paint tray with small rollers. (Action) rolls of masking tape, universal degreaser and a brush with long fine bristles.

Step 3 & 4: Degrease the wall and mask it

I first started by cleaning the walls well with soapy water Albastine Universal Degreaser and let it dry well before the next step; taping the walls and ceilings.

Step 5: Set up WallPrim Pro and OmniPrim Pro

The base of the smooth plastered walls and the bench in the living room was perfect for applying the wall paint and Carrazzo matt lacquer, but because all plastered parts are also absorbent surfaces it is recommended to apply the first coat of paint with a primer, premixed in the color Bone. You can easily apply the primer with a paint roller and in our case it already covered in a single layer, which I let dry overnight. We did the same for the wall bench. This was first painted with a layer of primer OmniPrim Pro and I let it dry overnight.

Verfproces wandmeubel Marit Saladini Pure & OriginalVerfproces kalkverf wand Marit Saladini Pure & Original

Step 6: Apply Fresco Lime Paint

After drying, the fun part of the job could begin. Painting with the block brush! First read the instructions of the Fresco lime paint carefully. Stir well and then get to work. Armed with a block brush in one hand and the paint tray filled to the brim with Fresco lime paint in the other, I set to work on the stairs. Working from top to bottom with criss-cross movements until the entire wall is covered.
After the second coat, the cloudy and streaky effect is already great, despite I opted for a light color. With this paint applies; The darker the paint, the greater the effect. Now just have to wait until the next day to see how the paint has dried, but I'm already very excited and luckily my husband Daniel and our daughter Dunya too.

Step 7: apply Carazzo lacquer paint

With painting jobs you always work from top to bottom, so the top part is done with the walls and cabinet. So I could get started with the bench. We wanted this to be wear and impact resistant in the paint, so we chose the Carazzo matte paint. It must be a strong lacquer, because one must be able to sit on the bench without it marking, but it must also be possible to set up vases and other decorations.
This strong water-based lacquer is also suitable for floors and stairs with a matte appearance, but can also be used on kitchen cabinets, stairs, wooden, concrete and cement floors indoors. So ideal for our bench.

Step 8: Remove Masking Tape

Now the last step in the job before the masking tape can be pulled off.

Coffee Cream Carazzo Marit Saladini Pure & OriginalCoffee Cream Fresco kalkverf Marit Saladini Pure & OriginalDetail Coffee Cream kalkverf Marit Saladini Pure & OriginalCoffee Cream Marit Saladini Pure & Original

After the Makeover

What a difference, the picture is now completely correct. Despite the light minimalistic interior, it is warm and cosy. Everything beautiful tone-on-tone. With the subtle color nuances in the lime paint of the wall, the wall unit comes to life even more. Everything radiates simplicity, craftsmanship and tranquility. The picture perfect for us.


Ciao Marit

Marit Saladini Pure & Original Marit Saladini has been working professionally as a stylist and editor in the Dutch media since 2007. Since May 2019 she has been working as a freelance interior stylist for magazines such as Vtwonen, Libelle and brands such as Raw Materials, Beter Bed and Cosnetino. Her personal style can best be described as timeless and sophisticated. She likes to add a subtle ethnic touch to her style, using artisan materials and natural products, such as the Marrakech Walls.