Curtains for your bedroom

Curtains for your bedroom

Posted on: 14-02-2020

Curtains for your bedroom

Not only your bed influences your sleep, also your curtains play a part in getting a good night’s rest. A dark bedroom helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Our dark bedroom

Our bedroom has four dark walls, which to this day has been a good decision. I love the secure feeling and ambiance it gives! The room is 6x3 metres and has windows adding up to a total of 3,5 metres. That means enough light comes in to make painting all the walls dark fine. At the time we opted for roman blinds by Inside Blinds in the same colour as the walls. They completely blended in with the walls, giving a really nice effect. Not a single ray of light came through because they were made from extremely darkening Night-fabric! In order to create a bit of contrast in the room, we then chose a see-through outer curtain in a mouse-grey tone. A great cohesive whole!

A unique collaboration between two amazing companies

Sometimes things just work out beautifully! For a few years now I have worked together with the paint brand Pure & Original. Multiple blogposts can be found about this on my website with the last one being about the living room.

Recently, Pure & Original and Inside Blinds have joined forces. With the quality curtains from Inside Blinds and the beautiful colours from Pure & Original, a unique collection of window decoration was born.

They developed three different types of fabric:
The Fuente, which has a chenille/velour look and is the most darkening of all three.
The Mezza, which is an in-between curtain. And the Rozzo, which has a beautiful, see-through linen look.

All the fabrics are available in 24 colours from the Pure & Original colour card and can be found at various dealers across the country. That way you can extend your favourite P&O colour from your wall into your window decoration, but of course you can also choose to create some contrast by combining different tones. The colours and different fabrics really allow you to go in any direction and means that there’s a fit for every interior.
Light pink roman blinds and outer curtain in the colour Skin Powder with a black wall surrounding th

Pink curtains in the colour Skin Powder

Since I had collaborated with both companies regularly, I absolutely had to do something with this collection. It just had to be brought into Huizedop and the bedroom ended up being the area it would appear in!

Despite that I love the dark look in our bedroom I also love contrast! Which meant that the dark roman blinds would be replaced by the Fuente roman blinds in the colour Skin PowderSkin Powder. A beautiful, light pink tone! Yes, the pink has (temporarily) disappeared from downstairs, but has now been added to the bedroom! The outer curtains are in the Rozzo fabric and also in the colour Skin Powder. Just like downstairs, I also had them created here with a wave pleat This is a type of pleat that stays in perfect shape thanks to its special runners. This pleat gives it a calm and modern look.

The fabrics are very rich and luxurious, just as we’re used to from Inside Blinds. The Fuente is super soft and has a beautiful, light-velvet look and the Mezza curtains have a tougher look which makes for a great combination! The collection really has turned out beautifully and instantly upgrades the space with the fabrics, colours, and quality of the materials
Bedroom with large bed, soft pink linen look curtains, black walls, large art with female portrait o
Bedroom with soft pink linen look curtains, black walls, large art with female portrait on back wall

The new look with the new window decoration

Wow, what a difference! The Fuente fabric is a bit less darkening than the Night fabric we had previously, but honestly, I rather like that. We now see the difference between day and night in a very subtle way! All fabrics are actually also available as darkening fabric, but I like the subtle hint of light!

The colours Skin Powder makes the overall look of the bedroom a bit softer. To not have it become too sweet, I added some cooler elements in the styling. After all, cool is something it definitely should be ;).

The curtains have been up for a few weeks now and we’re very happy with them! For now it still stays dark for a while in the morning, but I’m looking forward to the when the days are longer again and we’ll be able to see that the day has started outside the second we open our eyes :).
Bedroom with sheepskin rug, wooden benches at foot of the bed and twig decoration in vase, soft pinkBedroom with sheepskin rug, wooden benches at foot of the bed, soft pink curtains, and two pieces of
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