Colourful living? Here´s how to do it!

Posted on: 07-07-2021

Last year I decided to go for more colour in our house and less white walls in 2021. Where I previously painted the kitchen completely in colour from top to bottom, the white walls in my living room no longer matched. That's why I went looking for colours that matched perfectly with the Polar Blue, Steel Blue and Old Ocre that I already had at home and that would enhance these colours. This has been very successful with the result that our interior feels more 'us' than ever before. In this blog, I'll tell you how you can bring more colour into your home, get inspired!

Provincial Gold and Soft Flamingo Licetto paint Linda Deense Zomer

‘Selected by Deense Zomer’ colours

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been working with Pure & Original for some time. Since 2021 I can even call myself a proud ambassador and on Tuesday July 6, my own 'Selected by Deense Zomer' colour line was launched.

As I said I wanted to get rid of my white walls and I also planned to paint another ceiling. Ever since I painted the ceiling in the kitchen in Old Ocre, I already knew that I wanted to give several ceilings a colour. Our 70’s house is very suitable for this because of the height differences in the ceilings and the different passages.

I also really wanted pink in the house. It was also almost impossible to avoid in a family with 3 girls and 1 man. With the Pure & Original colour brochure I went looking for a pink shade that would be suitable. At one point I combined Soft Flamingo with Courtly Rose and immediately knew I wanted to use this last colour for the ceiling. Even though I loved both shades together, I knew I didn't want to use them both in the same room. That's why I went looking for a different colour to complete the picture. I had already used 2 different colours of blue in my interior, Polar Blue and Steel Blue, now I found  2 shades of pink and I had 1 ceiling in the yellow color Old Ocre. To connect the spaces, I therefore went looking for a second yellow colour that would fit well here. This eventually became the colour Provincial Gold. Below you can see how these six very different colours eventually fit together beautifully.

Provincial Gold Pure & OriginalOld Ocre Pure & OriginalSoft Flamingo Pure & OriginalCourtly Rose Pure & OriginalPolar Blue Pure & OriginalSteel Blue Pure & Original

The power of colour in interior

Through the before and after photos below, you can clearly see the power of colour on walls, but also on ceilings in particular. This makes a huge difference in the interior.

Licetto Plum Deense Zomer Pure & OriginalSoft Flamingo Provincial Gold Licetto Deense Zomer Pure & OriginalPolar Blue Licetto Linda van der Wal Deense Zomer keuken Pure and OriginalSoft Flamingo Licetto Deense Zomer Pure & Original

Bring colour into your home

In my opinion there are no rules when it comes to colour. You choose colours and colour combinations based on feeling, what suits you, what makes you happy. This also makes an interior 'your' interior and ensures that it fits you like a warm blanket. If you find it difficult to make colour combinations, you can always enlist the help of an interior designer. My advise is to stick to a colour brochure from Pure & Original, for example. This already provides a kind of framework, instead of the thousands of colours in a hardware store that only make the choice even more difficult. You don't need so many different colours to get a good combination. Finally, you can request sample cans of your favorite colours and use them to paint a sheet of A3 paper, for example. Hang these in different places in the house and view the colours at different times of the day, so you can also see what the light does to a colour.

This way you can also see how the colour matches your furniture and how they can enhance different spaces. And do you enjoy painting? Then take the ceiling with you, you will certainly not regret this!

Provincial Gold Steel Blue Licetto Deense Zomer Pure & OriginalSoft Flamingo Licetto Deense Zomer woonkamer Pure & Original
Linda van der Wal Studio Deense Zomer Linda van der Wal is owner of Studio Deense Zomer and Pure & Original ambassador.