Choosing the right type of paint for your project

Posted on: 07-09-2021
Are you crazy about paints and colour? With colour on walls and ceilings you immediately achieve a great effect. But how do you choose the right kind of paint? I'll let you in on my favorites.

In my memory you used to have two types of paint: wall paint and lacquer. Nowadays, the choice is much wider, which does not always make the choice easier. Studio Deense Zomer is ambassador of the Dutch paint brand Pure & Original. As a result, I have already gained a lot of painting experience with different types of paint. I'll tell you which Pure & Original paint I prefer to use, for which project and why. Hopefully this helps in your choice for a next paint project.
Polar Blue Licetto Linda van der Wal keuken Pure and Original

Paint for walls

Pure & Original has various types of paint in its collection that are suitable for walls. All water based. For example, you have seen the Marrakech Walls concrete look and the tadelakt look. In addition, there is Fresco lime paint, Classico chalk based paint and my favorite for walls, Licetto washable wall paint. I use Licetto for all walls, both in the kitchen and in the living room. Despite the fact that this type of paint is scratch-resistant, water-repellent and therefore washable, it has a smooth and matte finish. The convenience of washable walls immediately pays for itself in a family with young children and a dog! All Pure & Original colours are available in the Licetto wall paint.
Polar Blue Licetto Linda van der Wal keuken Pure and OriginalCourtly Rose Classico Provincial Gold Licetto Soft Flamingo Licetto Deense Zomer Pure & Original

Paint for ceilings

For ceilings I prefer to use Classico chalk based paint. Whether you choose colour or simply white, this paint has a very nice matte finish and is therefore an excellent choice for your ceilings. Classico chalk based paint is of course also available in all Pure & Original colours.
Soft Flamingo Licetto Deense Zomer Pure & OriginalPolar Blue Licetto Linda van der Wal keuken Pure and Original

Paint for skirting boards and doors

Most people opt for white baseboards and doors. Personally, I like to paint them in the colour i’ve used on the wall. This gives a calm image and creates unity in the big picture. In our kitchen I used Traditional Paint Eggshell lacquer on the door and door frame. A solid and water repellent lacquer with a satin finish. As a result, the door almost completely disappears into the wall.

Recently I became acquainted with the newest lacquer paint from Pure & Original: Traditional Paint High-Gloss lacquer paint. I used this lacquer on the baseboards and the living room door for more contrast to the walls. I think the result is stunningly beautiful!
Of course, these two types of lacquer are also water-based and available in all Pure & Original colours. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Which primer do you choose for your paint project?

All primers needed for Pure & Original's paints are also available. They are available in colour which provides a perfect basis for your painting job. For our plastered walls I used the WallPrim Pro. This is a primer for wall paint. For the doors, frames and skirting boards I used the OmniPrim Pro primer.

I now know very well which paints work best for me for which project. With a next paint project I therefore only have to worry about the choice of colour, because the choice of paint is already fixed for me. I'm looking forward to another paint project, how about you?
Linda van der Wal is owner of Studio Deense Zomer and Pure & Original ambassador.