Bedroom make-over with metallic wall paint

Posted on: 04-05-2022
We spend about a third of our lives in the bedroom. An attractive bedroom contributes to a good night's sleep, but how do you furnish this space and which colours do you use? We recently gave our bedroom a major makeover and are very happy with the result. I will take you through this process below.
Bronze Traditional Paint High-Gloss Judith Doppenberg Huizedop Pure & Original

Decorating a bedroom starts with a mood board

The start of designing a room in the house is making a mood board. You will determine your colours and materials on the basis of the mood board. Above you see the materials board that I made based on my mood board. It would be a dark bedroom anyway with a box spring in a light fabric. The tension will be created by the different materials in which a metallic paint would play a major role.

Sleep well on our box spring

Normally you start a metamorphosis by painting the walls and ceiling, but we had the latest metallic paint from Pure & Original in our plan and this was available a little later than our bed. Our bed had already been delivered and this was a nice kick-off to our bedroom metamorphosis.

Canvas Classico Judith Doppenberg Huizedop Pure & Original

The paint plan of our bedroom make-over

It was a big job because we not only painted all the walls, but also the ceiling!

Three dark gray walls in the bedroom

I really like the Slate Gray paint colour from Pure & Original and it once again played a prominent role in our new bedroom. We have worked with the paint Licetto which has a beautiful, matte finish and a very good pigmentation, which makes it look very rich. You apply it with a roller, but let us advise you which roller is suitable for your walls. Wrong material can adversely affect the result.

The ceiling was painted in a beautiful sand colour

Our bedroom wouldn't have a Japandi look, but that living style really appeals to me. A wall colour that fits very well with Japandi, but also with my mood board was the colour Canvas from Pure & Original. A beautiful beige / sand colour that matches very nicely with the dark gray Slate Gray and the metallic paint. The ceiling was the right place for this colour. And yes, it really is a job to paint your ceiling. In our case this was still the original ceiling from the new building and I can tell you, that sucks a lot. It took two good coats of paint to get it opaque. Keep this in mind, also in terms of time, because working beyond your power requires quite a bit of energy. But then you have something! It was the perfect choice to paint the ceiling. This creates a connection in the space and it feels like 1 whole. I would advise everyone to paint the ceiling with it!

The radiators were also painted

Our white radiators were an eyesore, so we immediately painted them. For this we used the Omniprim Pro as a primer. We then coated them with Traditional Paint High Gloss, both from Pure & Original in the colour Slate Gray. The shine gives a nice effect in combination with the other materials in the room. It turned out really nice and we should have done this a lot sooner ;).

Bronze Traditional Paint High-Gloss Judith Doppenberg Huizedop Pure & Original

The metallic wall - the eye-catcher of our bedroom

Earlier this year I heard from Pure & Original that a very cool launch was coming, the Elements Collection. This paint contains a luxurious and mysterious shine that gives a unique experience of colour from every angle. I call it a metallic sheen because that's the first thing that came to mind when I was introduced to this collection. I absolutely loved it and immediately thought of the bedroom. I really wanted to work with this paint! Good to know is that this Elements Collection is available in all Pure & Original colours, but there are also 7 new colors and I chose the Bronze for our bedroom. We already had a Marrakech Walls on the wall and we could immediately cover it with the metallic paint and get to work. The method is the same as the Marrakech Walls with which you create a concrete look, only you use a different spatula which you can also find at Pure & Originals. I will explain the step-by-step plan below:

  • You start by taping and I use frogtape for this
  • Then apply the metallic paint from the Elements Collection with a block brush.
  • When you've done about a square meter, take the spatula and start "spattering". Set your spatula at an angle of about 45 degrees and move in all directions. From top to bottom, left, right and every corner in between. Make sure that you no longer see brush strokes and that you have hit every inch with the spatula
  • Then move on to your next square foot and repeat the above process until you've done the entire wall. Work "wet in wet".
  • Let the wall dry (it may take up to a day for it to dry completely)
  • If the paint is not completely opaque, you can paint it again and use a spatula. I myself redone a spot here and there, the whole wall was not necessary.

That's it. Unlike the Marrakech Walls, you don't have to sand this one.

Beforehand I was really curious about the result of the paint plan and especially of the metallic wall. It is always exciting whether the result will actually be what you expect and whether the colors and materials match well, but I am very happy with the result! The metallic paint is really the eye catcher of our master bedroom.

Bronze Traditional Paint High-Gloss Judith Doppenberg Huizedop Pure & OriginalBronze Traditional Paint High-Gloss Judith Doppenberg Huizedop Pure & Original

Decorating and styling the bedroom

I like a calm and neutral colour palette and because the glossy wall already speaks enough it is fine to keep the rest of the styling calm. Below you will find the end result of this metamorphosis. We are very happy with the result. It took a while to paint all the walls and ceiling, but it was well worth it.

Love, Judith

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