Babytalk: painting the kids` room

Babytalk: painting the kids` room

Posted on: 28-11-2018

Babytalk: painting the kids` room

It is not an easy job, decorating a kid’s room… To start with: the colour! Early in my pregnancy I started to collect ideas how I wanted the newborn room to look like, and I thought I didn’t want any pink. And, o, I was wrong! When I saw this colour at the Pure & Original colourmap, I fell in love immediately. I ran to my boyfriend and said: “This is it!!!”.

Colour picking for the baby room

I still think it is hard to pick the right colours. You are always looking for a colour you will love for a long time, even though it is easy to paint it over again… Not only did I want a long-life colour, I also wanted a colour which would combine easily with other shades.

As I told you, I didn’t wanted pink at first thought, but when I saw the colour Skin PowderSkin Powder from Pure & Original, I was sold. What an amazing colour! It is pink, but it feels more like an old pink, which gives it a rough touch. Our furniture is white and grey, so it is a perfect match!


I will not show you the whole room yet, but I have made some pictures to show you the ambiance of the room, and to give an impression on how beautiful the colour looks. 

Paint quality

Personally, I prefer matt paint qualities because of the soft and warm look. We have painted our living room with Marrakech Walls by Pure & Original, so we were already familiar with the brand. So, the choice for a paint brand was an easy one.

For the kids’ room, we have chosen for the Classico quality: a chalk-based paint. This paint is very soft and powdery, which has a rich and warm appearance.


The benefits:

  • Matt finish;
  • No gloss;
  • Velvet look;
  • Warm, powdery appearance.

The colour..!

I can imagine you are so curious about the colour right now, aren’t you?! Well, this is it: Skin Powder. We are so happy with the results! As I told you before, I am not sharing the entire room yet, because more blogs are to come. When we’re finished, we’ll show you everything in a home tour film on our YouTube canal.

Pure & Original Classico chalk-based paint child-friendly paintA warm pink shade: Skin Powder

Isn’t it beautiful? Here you see a bit more, be patience for the whole room!

Pink is the perfect base tone for your room

In short: a very happy mommy-to-be! I am very curious about how you think about the colour (previews). For more updates, follow @furnlovers and @mariellewielheesen. Here you can also see how we add this colour to the rest of the room.

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