Autumn & winter trend colours 20/21

Posted on: 25-09-2020

Autumn has started! Time to snuggle back on the couch, surrounded by warmth and cosiness. The candles can be lit again and we live more indoors. Surrounded by our loved ones and enjoying a delicious cup of hot tea, chocolate milk or perhaps a delicious glass of wine.

Offcourse beautiful autumn and winter colours are part of that, which will make your home that cozy place. That is why we have made a selection of colours from our collection for this autumn and winter. These are the trend colours for autumn / winter 20/21!

Trend colours for autumn & winter 2020/2021

Herfst winter trendkleuren Pure & Original 2020 / 2021Silver Screen Pure & Original

Silver Screen

Be overwhelmed by the surf. The beach studded with jewels, glittering like silver.

Provincial Gold Pure & Original

Provincial Gold

Loved ones, flowers, the sun and sand between your toes. It seems simple but memories are invaluable. Cherish them and keep them close.

Terracotta Pure & Original


Powerful and earthy, strong as a stone, yet open and accessible at the same time. An age-old tradition of creating that lives with you.

Dark Secret Pure & Original

Dark Secret

Let the darkness embrace you, you are safe here. Tender and warm, like it has always been this way.

Country Blue Pure and Original

Country Blue

Dream away in an endless stream of thoughts. Calm and serene, but never losing its powers.

Majestic Cloth Pure & Original

Majestic Cloth

Fabric so full and soft, it wraps around you with all its voluminous folds and envelops you completely in richness.

Old Rose Pure & Original

Old Rose

As soon as the roses wither, new dimensions arise. Leaves dry out and strong colours fade to paler, grayish versions. The world opens to new possibilities.

Old Wine Pure & Original

Old Wine

A good glass of wine is like a strong character. Floral, inspiring and soft. It takes you to new undiscovered areas.

Old Wine Classico chalk based paint Yvonne Wilhelmsen Pure & OriginalMajestic Cloth Classico chalk based paint Pure & OriginalProvincial Gold Fabric Rozzo Iris Floor Pure OriginalCountry Blue Marrakech Walls Iris Floor Pure & Original

Apply these autumn / winter paint colours at your own home

Do you want to apply these colours at your home? Apply the colour with a colour area or choose an entire wall. Do you have some leftovers in these colours? Then also paint some home accessories or furniture such as a vase or a forgotten cupboard. With the Fresco lime paint or the Marrakech Walls you make these colours extra impressive.

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