Autumn in the house of Deense Zomer

Autumn in the house of Deense Zomer

Posted on: 16-09-2019

Autumn in the house of Deense Zomer

When I read the stories posted on social media, a lot of people are ready for a change of season after this warm summer. I must confess that I, a summer person, am also looking forward to those blustery autumn days where during the day, the fireplace is burning and candles are lit. Slowly but surely I am preparing my interior for these cold, but also cosy days. The sheepskins have already been taken out of storage and soon the accessories will be swapped. Recently our living room also received an autumn colour make-over. Yes, that's right, the paintbrush came out again. I went to work with one of the newest autumn/winter colours from Pure & Original and combined it with a colour from the basic collection. In this blog, you'll see and read all about this mini-metamorphosis. I wish you tons of autumn inspiration while reading it! 

Colour inspiration from nature

When I think of autumn, I think of warm tones. I find a lot of my colour inspiration outside, during lovely walks in nature with our four-footed friend. All the fresh green colours are slowly disappearing to make way for a different, warmer, colour palette. Essentially we do no different in our homes. In the autumn, fresh and cool tones make way for deeper and warmer colours. Thus creating a cosy feeling inside when outside it's cold and bleak. 


"Fresh and cool tones make way for deeper and warmer colours." 

My experience with paint from Pure and Original

It was this past year that I first made acquaintance with the products of Pure & Original. They had just launched their first Limited Edition collection, spring/summer 2019. I painted the long green wall in the colour Steel Blue (basic collection) with a square block painted in the spring/summer colour Spring BlossomSpring Blossom. My IVAR cabinet got painted in the colour Dusty LavenderDusty Lavender from the same collection. I received a ton of enthusiastic responses to my Instagram pictures and blog. The colours, colour fastness, and the quality of the paint meant that Pure & Original had just gained a new fan. When I was approached a while ago, with the question if I was interested in working with the new autumn/winter colours, I didn't hesitate for a second. Of course I wanted to!

Purple for the interior

Out of the seven autumn/winter colours, I chose the colour PLUM! Just like the fruit, this colour is named after, this Pure & Original colour has the same dark purple nuances of a plum. It's no surprise that I chose to work with this colour. Ever since the introduction of the colour Dusty Lavender in my interior, I can't imagine my interior without purple. Not much longer until I become Ms Purple... The great thing about this colour is that it can be combined with almost all colours! From dark and light blue to green, greys, and black. 


"I can't imagine my interior without purple." 

Plum dark purple in the living room with sunlight, fireplace and rugArt wall with frames, photo´s, flowers, candles, and accessoriesPlum dark purple wall with plant, magazine stand, and candlePlum wall with fireplace, plant, and table

Warm colours and unity

Before PLUM made its debut in my interior, the wall with the fireplace and gallery wall had two colours. This created an uneasy image and I missed the sense of unity. This wall needed to go back to my original idea, just one colour on the wall. And as one thing led to another, all the chores that were put on hold benefited from this metamorphosis. For instance, I really wanted to mount our television to the wall. And since we had to take everything off the wall anyway, we crossed off that chore from our to-do list as well. The television is now mounted to the wall, creating more space for our indoor wood supply. And doesn't the wood just go great with the PLUM colour? The gallery wall now has one shelf less, which also makes the wall more peaceful. With or without a burning fireplace, the warmth really shines through with PLUM. 
Before the makeover, art wall and fireplacePlum wall after makeover with fireplace and art wall

The impact of sunlight from the east

As I said, one thing led to another. I wasn't too pleased with the white on the wall with the yellow lamp either. The light in that part of our house comes in from the east, which means that the white colour looks very different than in the rest of our house. Different than in our kitchen, where the light comes in from the south-west. That's why it's always important to take this into consideration when choosing colours. Take colour swatches home with you or paint a small test patch on the wall if you're having doubts. Or get advice from a Pure & Original Star Dealer. 


"Take light into consideration when choosing colours!" 

A nice alternative to white for the wall

I also found that the white that was on the wall was too cool in combination with the PLUM colour, but I still really wanted a light wall. That's why I chose the ASHES colour from the Pure & Original basic collection. It's a warm, light grey tone and has a matt look. For both colours, I used the Licetto paint type. A very pleasant wall paint, that's washable and has a matt finish. Besides all that, it also covers extremely well. 
Painting with a grey white colour, Ashes, in Licetto hyper washable wall paintColour accent in the living room, purple with white.Purple wall living roomPurple wall living room magazine stand
I think that we will be enjoying some lovely, cosy, and warm times in our living room during the coming autumn and winter months. Candles lit, fireplace burning, all while enjoying a warm drink and a movie or show... I can already picture it now. How about you? 
Linda is a blogging Instagrammer from Fryslân with a passion for interior design and Nordic living. She has a love for mid-century modern furniture.