A new bedroom floor with paint

Posted on: 13-04-2021
A new beginning with our new home! In our previous home I fell in love with the Pure & Original products, especially Fresco and Marrakech Walls products. These products add texture and depth to the walls, making the entire interior more alive.

How do you choose a paint colour?

In our previous house I opted for more intense colours such as Terracotta and Bohemian Vintage, because the house really needed something special. Our new house called for a lighter and more neutral colour palette.

The house itself has a lot of character; beamed ceilings, an old wood-burning fireplace and terracotta-coloured farm tiles. Throughout the house we have applied the light, warm grey colour Ashes to the walls & ceilings. The walls on the residential floors will be finished with Marrakech Walls, the bedroom floors will be finished in Fresco. The textures on the wall in the light colour provide liveliness, but at the same time keep it calm and neutral.

A new floor with floor paint

But before we start, it's time to make-over the bedroom floor! It is an old pine floor that is very worn. The bedroom floor does not look very spacious due to the spruce pine.

I opted for the colour Warm Gray on the floor, a colour slightly darker than Ashes. I am going to apply this colour in Carazzo floor paint. This is a wear-resistant paint especially for floors & stairs.

Prepare the floor for painting

Before the Carazzo floor paint can be applied, I prepare the floor with a primer. And not just any one! The Omniprim Pro, a new product that Pure & Original has launched in march of this year.

It is a primer that can be used on almost all materials, wood, steel, concrete, old paint and more. Of course I first degreased, sanded and cleaned my floor well. It is important that the Omniprim Pro is applied to a floor that is thoroughly dry.

The Omniprim Pro was also colour-blended and I can tell you that if I didn't know better, I would be delighted with the look of the first coat of primer as well. Super opaque, smooth and beautifully matt! It also smears very nicely.

Apply floor paint

I used a small brush for the edges and cracks, and a large flat brush for the planks that allowed me to paint with the grain very easily. It is important to work wet on wet, not the edges first. By working wet-in-wet you prevent the edges from drying and a difference in thickness. In my case, the door in the center of the room was something to be reckoned with!

After the Omniprim followed two more layers of Carazzo, which I applied exactly the same way with the same brushes. For Carazzo applies; the more layers, the more durable the paint. I opted for two layers because we practically never walk with shoes on the sleeping floor, if that is the case you could consider an extra layer.
The paint is fully cured after 14 days, but secretly we have already carefully walked over it with socks after a day or 5. Be careful with furniture, it can quickly damage the floor if it is not fully cured.
Warm Grey Carazzo floorpaint Studio Gendt Pure & OriginalWarm Grey Carazzo floorpaint Studio Gendt Pure & OriginalWarm Grey Carazzo floorpaint Studio Gendt Pure & OriginalWarm Grey Carazzo floorpaint Studio Gendt Pure & Original

The end result of our painted floor

We still have to wait for our new bed and bedside tables due to longer delivery times due to covid, but we are so happy with the floor! The floor really looks beautiful and sleek again and also feels great on your bare feet. The colour is also the best choice, it appears 10 times bigger than before.
Kelly van Gendt This blog is written by Kelly van Gendt, interior stylist and owner of her own interior design agency; Studio Gendt.