A cozy Tiny House with paint

Posted on: 12-01-2022

A cozy Tiny House with paint - Pure & Original

BLOG | Make a Tiny House feel more like home? Paint is an easy tool to create a cozy and personal atmosphere. Judith did this at her own Tiny House and shares the result in this blog.

A cozy Tiny House, that was to be our holiday home. Cozy and of course completely in the HUIZEDOP living style. One of the most important adjustments were the walls and I'll tell you all about that in this blog.

Tinyhouse Huizedop verven Pure & OriginalTinyhouse verven Huizedop  Pure & Original

Our cozy Tiny House at the Veluwemeer

We bought our Tiny House in January 2021 and it was completed at the end of December 2021. Of course I wanted to fully reflect our own living style, so I made a colour plan. A number of walls had to be painted anyway because I like wood, but in this case it was just a bit too much.

Naturally, dark grey walls had to be incorporated and we had the contractor paint the wall, which is normally delivered in white, in dark grey. He thought this was an exciting choice, but afterwards he also thought it was very beautiful. A dark grey wall gives so much atmosphere and warmth and can therefore also be used very well in a Tiny House. This alone made it a cozy Tiny House.

Slaapkamer Tinyhouse Huizedop voor vervenSlate Grey Carazzo Tinyhouse huizedop Pure & OriginalSlate Grey Evening shadow Carazzo Huizedop Tinyhouse verven Pure & Original

Painting the bedroom in our Tiny House

The bedroom was completely made of wood on completion and only a small wall had been painted dark grey. The bed and headboard were also made of wood and that was all just a bit too much. I decided to paint the headboard in Slate Grey from Pure & Original anyway. This is 1 of the HUIZEDOP paint colours from Pure & Original, so it's no surprise that I chose this colour.

For this job I used OmniPrim Pro as a base with Carazzo matte lacquer on top. Carazzo is a very strong paint that you can also use for your stairs. Important for us because in a holiday home it has to be just a bit more resistant than at home.

Evening Shadow Carazzo Judith Doppenberg Tinyhouse verven Pure & OriginalEvening Shadow Carazzo Tinyhouse verven Judith Doppenberg Pure & Original

Het muurtje waar het raam in zit verfde ik in de kleur Evening Shadow. Initieel zou het hierbij blijven, maar toch klopte het niet. Het voelde niet goed dus ik verfde ook het muurtje boven het hoofdboard in Evening Shadow. Ook voor de muren heb ik overigens als basis de OmniPrim Pro met daar overheen Carazzo gebruikt. Hele fijne verf om mee te werken! OmniPrim Pro is al een dekkende primer en met een laag Carazzo er overheen is het volledig dekkend.

Het resultaat was prachtig! Van een houten kamer naar een knusse slaapkamer die sfeer en gezelligheid uitstraalt. Wat een beetje verf al niet kan betekenen.

Barndoor schilderen tinyhouse Duizedop Pure & OriginalEvening Shadow Carazzo Barndoor schilderen Tinyhouse Huizedop Pure & Original

A dash of paint for the barndoor to the bathroom

In advance we had also thought of painting the wooden sliding door of the bathroom. I must admit that I had my doubts about this on the spot. The wood contrasted so beautifully with the dark wall that it was actually quite beautiful. Then I followed my gut feeling and painted the door in Evening Shadow. Again, I used the combination of OmniPrim Pro and Carazzo.

Eethoek tinyhouse Huizedop Pure & OriginalHuizedop tinyhouse schilderen Pure & OriginalEvening shadow Carazzo Huizedop Tinyhouse verven Pure & Original

I'm glad I followed my gut feeling. How beautiful it is and how it interacts with the "upper floor". It's completely right and it radiates a lot of atmosphere!

You can see that with just a few small adjustments you can create a completely different atmosphere. In any case, we are very happy with this choice! It really feels like a mini Huizedop house now.



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