10 Children`s interiors painted with Pure & Original

10 Children`s interiors painted with Pure & Original

Posted on: 02-08-2018

10 Children’s interiors painted with Pure & Original

Welcome to our feature all about children’s interiors. Why is Pure & Original paint so special and what’s the difference between any other big brand names? Let us tell you and show why….

Nature’s first

Pure & Original is a natural and eco-friendly paint, making it ideal for children’s interiors. Every parent wants the absolute best for their little ones. Many new parents will spend a small fortune on making sure the nursery is kitted out with goods that are safe, child-friendly and above all meeting safety standards. Why should the paint we cover the walls with be any different?

Pure & Original paints are all natural, little to no VOCs, low odour and made with 100% natural pigments. The paints are created with respect for human and nature, using only the best materials and natural pigments.
And of course, what every parent wants to hear, the paints meet above and beyond the most stringent of environmental requirements.

What are VOCs in paint and why are they toxic?

VOCs stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. These compounds evaporate into the air as the paint dries. Some paints can take months to fully dry, meaning they continue to release toxins into the air.
They are harmful chemicals like formaldehyde that are extremely hazardous to human health when breathed in.

Pure & Original paints have very little to none VOCs in their paints. Above all the Licetto paint has 0% VOCs!

Creating the perfect children’s interior

 It’s always important to create a sense of calm in a child’s bedroom; it is a place to sleep after all. You can achieve this with colours. Different kinds of colours can bring different moods to a person. For example, it is said that blue in a bedroom brings calm and relaxation, whereas red can bring anger. Then again, a red room can also bring warmth and comfort so it all depends on the space, person and type of colour.
Since Pure & Original uses only natural pigments to colour the paint, it’s ideal to use to create the perfect mood. The colours are never harsh or overpowering but have a wonderful depth and softness.

Try to match furniture pieces in the same colour and style. This will not only create a sense of unity in the room but also if you have a small space, this can make the room feel bigger. Again, to keep things calm for sleep invest in good storage furniture to hide away all the toys at the end of the day

Kids love a tent or den area. Why not create one as a reading nook or a drape over their bed? Fuel their imagination with books and art prints. Let them get lost in a story or a dream world.
Below you will find a wonderful selection of kids rooms and baby rooms all painted with Pure & Original paint.
Enjoy : )  

1. Sober lime paint

On the walls: Fresco lime paint in the colour Potato SkinPotato Skin.
Image by: Kristel van Leeuwen.
Fresco Potato Skin lime paint kids room

2. Fresh pink and white

On the walls: Classico chalk paint in the colours Skin PowderSkin Powder and WhiteWhite.
Image by: @Threeinarow.

3. Calming blue

On the walls: Classico chalk paint in the colour Country BlueCountry Blue.
On the cabinet’s, window frame and heater: Traditional Paint in the colour Country Blue.
Image by: Ingeborg Simone.

4. Black and white teen room

On the walls: Classico chalk paint in the colour Tin KettleTin Kettle.
On the woodwork: Traditional Paint in the colour BlackBlack.
Image by: Kavel22. 

5. Country girls room

On the walls: Marrakech Walls in the colour Cardinal RedCardinal Red.
Image by: Yvonne Kwakkel.

6. Newborn pastel

On the walls: Classico chalk paint in the colour Poetic BluePoetic Blue.
Image by: Evelyne Bok.

7. Little princess

On the walls: Fresco lime paint in the colour Old RoseOld Rose.
Image by: @Hanneflagtvedt.

8. Industrial grey

On the walls: Fresco lime paint in the colour CannonballCannonball.

9. Into the woods

On the walls: Classico chalk paint in the colour LandscapeLandscape.
On the wood panelling: Fresco lime paint in the colour Mineral WhiteMineral White (diluted).
Image by: @designstudiov_pure_Original_uk and @jantieneboth.

10. Happy pink and green

Want to know more about the paint and how you can create your own stunning kids' room and at the same time sleep easy because you know your precious little ones are sleeping in a clean aired room with no toxins on the walls?

If you’d like some paint and colour advise get in contact with us here at Design Studio V. We are based in Somerset, UK. Call us on 01398 323695 or email us on info@designstudiov.co.uk

X Veronique Hendriks

Veronique Hendriks is owner of Design Studio V. 
Pure & Original paints are supplied and distributed throughout Great Britain by Design Studio V.  We specialize in Interior and Spatial Design.

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