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Dead Flat Eco Sealer

pure_original Lime Paint with Dead Flat Eco SealerLime paint on the wall is beautiful, but how do I protect the paint?
The Dead Flat Eco Sealer protects the lime paint and the chalk paint. Features of the Dead Flat Eco Sealer:

·      Hardly any coloring of the foundation (colors will be somewhat darker and fuller)
·      Walls, wood and other surfaces will become easily washable,
·      Friction gives hardly any gloss,
·      Heat resistant up to 100 degrees

Applicability areas are for instance:

·      Kitchen
·      Bathroom
·      Toilet
·      Hallway
·      Nursery

When applying too irregular and too thick layers of lime paint dark colors can develop a white haze. 

Technical paper: Dead Flat Eco Sealer

Wallprim & Wallfix

Wall Prim:

  • If the foundation for lime paint is not mineral
  • If there are great differences in suction (for example repair spots)

Technical document: Wall Prim

 Wall Fix:

  • For the reduction of suction of new walls
  • Improving the attachment when the surface is powdery             
Technical document: Wall Fix

Italian Wax

Pure Original Italian WaxThe Italian Wax is a natural transparent wax that deepens the colors and shades.
After polishing, polish the wax with a cotton cloth, the wax gives a super shiny effect and with 2 layers the wax is water repellent.
  • polishable to high gloss
  • water-repellent
  • VOC free
  • natural product
  • easy to clean
  • easy to apply
Applicable to:
  • untreated wood
  • mineral surfaces such as porous natural stone
  • lime paint
  • chalk based paint
  • marrakech walls
  • plaster
  • cement and concrete surfaces

How to apply the Italian Wax.

Apply the wax, with a clean cotton cloth, in a circular motion. Dilution is not required, stir before and during application of the wax. Apply in 1 or 2 layers. To make it water-repellent, at least 2 layers.
After application remove excess wax and leave to dry. Respect the drying time between the layers of at least 12 hours. After drying polish with a cotton cloth or polishing machine until the desired sheen.
Applying on Lime Paint Walls or the Marrakech Walls, these paints should at least 7 - 10 days to be previously applied.