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Licetto, a very matt and highly washable eco paint.

Licetto in the children´ s room on the wall and same colour in traditional paint lacquer radiaPerhaps you recognize the situation:

You want a very matt wallpaint, but after a while day to day living may give you grimy marks. Cleaning and rubbing doesn’t really seem to  be an option, since it’ll leave shiny patches on the wall.
So how can you achieve an easy to clean and durable but still very matt beautiful wall finish?

It’s easy:
Use our revolutionary Licetto Paint, specially developed for this requirement.

  • an environmentally friendly and water based wallpaint,
  • very matt in appeareance, a gloss percentage of approximately 3%, which is almost as matt as chalk based paint,
  • highly washable,
  • no shiny spots after removing stains from the wall,
  • very scratch resistant, also with dark colours,
  • no solvents in the paint.

Licetto for your bathroom and kitchen?

Yes, this is possible.

Due to the unique properties of this paint, you can apply Licetto on your kitchen and bathroom walls. 

Dirty stains on the walls in the kitchen?

Licetto is highly washable.

Toothpaste or limescale on the walls of your bathroom?

Easy to clean.

Coffee or red wine stains on the wall?

No problem, they can easily be removed.

Licetto in the entrance. No more scratches,easy cleaning dirty spots of dogs, mud and more.
Licetto, colour Barbedos Blue
Licetto colour Steel Blue in the back Chalk White.
Licetto colour in the front Steel Blue in the back Chalk White.

Overview of Licetto characteristics.

  • Unique and superior stain resistance,
  • No solvents,
  • Very sustainable and environmentally friendly,
  • No smell,
  • High coverage,
  • Applicable in damp rooms,
  • Will not or barely shine after cleaning,
  • No marks from applying the paint with a roller,
  • For use both inside and outdoors on:
    • Ceilings,
    • Drywall,
    • Concrete.
    • Old paint,
    • and more.
The full characteristics of the paint, as with most paints, will show after 7 days. The paint is washable after 2 weeks.

Application of the paint.

Licetto is easy to apply, just like any other type of wallpaint.
There is however one huge difference, it doesn’t splash.

Apply the paint with a roller, brush or airless.

Delute the paint with max 5% water.

Untreated surfaces:
  • Apply 1 layer of the Pure & Original Wallprim,
  • Apply 2 layers of Licetto.
When using Wallprim in the same colour as the Licetto, you can apply just 1 layer of Licetto.

Painted surfaces:
  • Clean the wall,
  • Sandpaper any shiny spots,
  • Apply 1 layer of Wallprim,
  • Apply 2 layers of Licetto.
When using Wallprim in the same colour as the Licetto, you can apply just 1 layer of Licetto.

When your walls are highly absorbent, first apply 1 layer of Pure & Original Wallfix.
Before you start we advice you to read the technical datasheet.