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A very mat chalk based paint, waterbased

pure_original_chalk paintThe Classico Chalk based Paint is:
  • light washable,
  • environmentally friendly,
  • professional water-based chalk paint,
  • with 100% natural pigments.

The chalk based paint has a beautiful very matte, velvet powdery look. Through the use of natural pigments, with an extra high dosage, the chalk paint has a very deep, intense and rich color. The chalk based paint is available in all Pure & Original colors.

The Classico chalk based paint can be applied right away, without a primer.


Technical papier: Chalk based Paint Regular



Chalk based Paint in the kitchen

pure_original_chalk paint

The very special velvet powdery and mat look + the rich deep colors of the Classico chalk based paint give your house an exclusive look.

Chalk based paint can also be applied in, for example, the kitchen and the bathroom. If water or hot grease splashes directly on the wall it is advisable to apply Pure & Original Dead Flat Eco Sealer. In that case, the chalk paint is protected and easily cleanable.

Photo: Woonboek Stijlvol Wonen 4 
Color: Belgian Biscuit


Chalk based Paint on furniture

pure_original Chalk PaintChalk based Paint on furniture used for the authentic look.
If you choose good and easy maintenance with a matte and beautiful appearance? Then we recommend our Traditional Water Based Paint.

Foto: Claude Smekens, Woonboek Stijlvol Wonen 4 (2008)

You apply chalk based paint as a regular wall paint, easy to do.

pure original krijtverf aanbrengen

Chalk based Paint can be:

  • very simple process,
  • just like a standard wall paint,
  • and is applied with a roller, brush or airless.

Chalk based Paint can be placed direct, on the wall, latex and wallpaper. Without primer (note), The wallpaper must be secure. Again, using Chalk based aint of Pure & Original has no difference in use to normal wall paint.