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The original Fresco Lime Paint.

pure and original Lime Paint

The original Fresco Lime Paint

Lime Paint, a type of paint that has existed for thousands of year, is being made in a traditional way again by us in more than 100 beautiful colors.

The Fresco Lime Paint is a 100% natural mineral paint, composed of quick lime and natural pigments.

A 100% ecologically durable nature paint.


Our Fresco Lime Paint, is the Lime Paint with the real authentic look,

Fresco Lime Paint can be applied everywhere, provided that the foundation is mineral and provided with a layer of Pure & Original Wallprim as primer.

Technical paper: Lime Paint
Paper: most asked questions lime paint.

Protect Lime Paint in, for instance, the kitchen or bathroom. That is possible with the Pure & Original Dead Flat Eco Sealer.
Picture: Voorhaven 7
Color on this picture is the Heavy Clay.


How to apply Fresco Lime Paint

It is very simple.

The instruction movie “Fresco Lime Paint” and frequently asked question, helps you get started quickly and easily.
You can find the frequently asked questions and answers here. But of course, practice is the best way to learn. Working with lime paint for the first time? Try out different techniques on carton first.

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Fresco Lime Paint in the kitchen or bathroom

Lime Paint bathroom Pure and Original

Click here for more inspiration.

In the kitchen & bathroom use the Dead Flat Eco Sealer to protect the Lime Paint and to make it washable.

Fresco Lime Paint. Color: Silverplate

Fresco Lime Paint. Color Silverplate

Fresco Lime Paint Color Bone

Fresco Lime Paint Color Mineral White

Fresco Lime Paint. Color Mauve Love

Fresco Lime Paint. Color Cuban Brown

Fresco Lime Paint. Color Thunder Sky

Fresco Lime Paint in the bedroom. Color Mineral White

Pure and Original Fresco Lime Paint - Kalkverf Color Artisan Tan

Fresco Lime Paint - Kalkverf in the color Coffee Cream on the wall

Fresco Lime Paint - Kalkverf in the color Fondant on the wall

Fresco Lime Paint - Kalkverf in the color Heavy Clay on the wall