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When summer is nearly over, the holidays are over and slowly the days grow shorter ... the new season for your interior has officially begun!

Autumn is the season of:  sitting together on the sofa in front of the fireplace covered by a warm, woolen plaid and of course candles burning again. Before we find ourselves in the reality of this wonderful scene there’s still time for a seasonal makeover for your home.
 Adding a new colour to your interior...

A look inside a country home

Posted on: 02-06-2016
    Today I’m showing you inside one of my completed projects, where I gave interior design advice for a beautiful country home. 
The occupants asked for advice on decorating their home since the dated interior needed a change. Some of their main requirements were colour, warmth and the right atmosphere in their home.
After hearing such enthousiastic and inspiring stories about the Pure & Original Paints, my clients and I searched together for...

A year ago I finally found a nice apartment, not far from the centre of Amsterdam. The appartment was smart but lacked ambience and Individuality. Everything was white and empty. A blank canvas, every stylist’s dream!  A calm basis
I consider balance to be one of the most important features in an interior. I created a sense of harmony throughout the whole apartment by chosing natural materials such as, wood and linen, and accents of copper, gold, dark brown and black. The...


Posted on: 29-03-2016
Today, a blog post about my most amazing interior design project: our nursery. I am 37 weeks pregnant with our first child and the nursery is ready! I am so pleased to show you inside our nursery and give a few tips on how to furnish and decorate a room for your baby.

I’m all wrapped up in the pregancy bubble, so much is constantly changing! As an interior designer, this is ofcourse a perfect chance to create the best ever nursery for our little one. This is a real...

Colour advice for a bedroom

Posted on: 23-03-2016
My days have been so busy recently that in the evenings all I
want to do is curl up under my duvet and get a good nights sleep. Does this sound familiar to you? After a hectic day it is even more important to have a space in your house where you can totally relax and unwind.

The bedroom: A space where you spend, on average, eight hours a day, is ofcourse the ideal place for this. That is reason enough to give it that little bit of extra attention.


Posted on: 15-12-2015

Are you a fan of rustic décor? Then, of course, you will also decorate your home in this style during the holidays. With the warm, natural winter colours of Pure & Original you'll have a perfect colour palette as the basis for your Christmas décor. In the stores you'll find decorations in so many different colours that at times you can't see the forest through the trees. We would like to inspire you with some tips and ideas for a simple, rustic Christmas...